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The Qld missile company has signed a contract for a spy satellite for $ 15 million


Gilmour Space Technologies of Gold Coast has been awarded a $ 15 million contract to develop and launch a new observation satellite as part of a government move to expand sovereign space capabilities.

Adam Gilmore and Peter Datton (center) on the announcement of a partnership in satellite surveillance.

Defense Secretary Peter Dathan says the defense is working closely with Australian industry to develop and supply a sovereign space surveillance system and missions under the recently released system Defense and space strategy.

He says the government hopes to launch a prototype satellite in conjunction with Gilmour Space by mid-2023.

“I am proud to announce a $ 15 million investment in new military space capabilities to counter threats and ensure our continued access to space reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance,” the minister said in a statement.

Gilmour Space started as a startup in 2009 and then launched Australia’s first privately developed hybrid rocket.

How reported on Government NewsDefense in 2020 has partnered with the company to jointly develop space-related defense technologies, including rocket engine components.

“Since then, we have been testing materials and propulsion technologies – all with the aim of developing a hybrid rocket to launch payloads and small satellites,” Mr Datan said.

Gilmour Space CEO Adam Gilmar described the partnership as an important milestone.

“This is a major milestone for the Australian company, which is working hard to develop a sovereign space and launch opportunities for our customers in the civil, commercial and defense spheres,” he said in a statement.

“Under the deal, Gilmour Space will develop a G-Class satellite for defense and launch it on our Eris rocket from the Australian launch pad.

“We firmly believe that such a partnership will help increase future space and defense first positions in Australia and lead to increased capacity for defense in the coming years.”

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