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The Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, has kept her life largely private. That’s why


Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, has been considered the hardest-working royal for years, but has kept out of the public eye at the same time.

The values ​​of keeping her private life to herself were traced back to her decision to raise her two children, whom she chose not to give royal titles.

Royal Coroner Richard Fitzwilliam said Fox News Digital that 72-year-old Anne does not like the royal attention, and therefore she has kept her life a secret for many years.

“One of the reasons that little is known about Princess Anne is that she likes it,” he shared. “She is the hardest working member of the royal family, but does not like publicity. It’s her style, she’s always stunned us.”

However, since the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, Anna has increasingly taken center stage, paying tribute to the late monarch.

On Thursday, Princess Anne was joined by her brothers, King Charles III, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. the Queen’s coffin walk from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall to lie in state until her funeral on Monday. And on Friday evening she attended the vigil in the hall with her brothers and sisters.

“The fact that it was with the Queen’s body is very important because it was a symbol of how valuable she was to the royal family,” Fitzwilliam explained. “She is very supportive of King Charles. She won’t do more because she can’t do more, she already does so much for the family.”

Anne previously shared in a statement following the death of Queen Elizabeth II that she too spent the last 24 hours of her mother’s life with her at Balmoral Castle.

“I was lucky enough to share the last 24 hours of my dear mother’s life. It was my honor and privilege to accompany her on her final journey. The testimonies of love and respect shown by so many during these journeys have been both humbling and uplifting,” the statement said.

“We will all have unique memories. “I thank everyone who shares our sense of loss,” Anne continued. “Perhaps we were reminded how much of her presence and contribution to our national identity we took for granted. I am also very grateful for the support and understanding offered to my dear brother Charles as he takes on additional responsibilities as a monarch.”

The princess signed her statement: “To my mother, the Queen, thank you.”

Anne will attend Her Majesty’s state funeral on Monday alongside other senior members of the royal family. Ann’s children, Zara Tyndall and Peter Phillips, are also expected to attend.

Like herself, Anne also wanted to give her children the opportunity to live a private life out of the public eye.

She did not give her two children, Peter, 44, and Zara, 41, royal titles after they were born, meaning they are private citizens. Ann made this decision to give her children a chance at a “normal” life.

Royal expert Shannon Felton Spence explained Fox News Digital why Anna’s children could never be a prince or princess.

“The letters patent say the sovereign’s grandchildren, but through a male heir, so Princess Anne’s children don’t have titles,” Spence shared.

“Their father got the title when he married Princess Anne, so they have a title and Anne obviously has the title of Princess Royal by birth. Their children were then entitled to titles, but they would not be prince and princess, they would be, for example, duke and duchess or lady and master.’

Although Anna keeps her life and that of her children private, just like the rest of the royal family, the scandal did not escape Anna as she tried to gain public attention.

The Princess Royal allegedly had an affair with her personal bodyguard when she was married to her first husband Mark Phillips.

Anne has been infamously linked with her affair with Peter Cross since the rumors started in the 1970s. Cross was a Scotland Yard police officer until he was appointed to guard Anne in 1979.

The hit Netflix series Crown highlights the alleged affair when the Queen confronts her daughter at a private picnic about the “conversations” she has heard surrounding the rumours.

In the episode, Elizabeth II tells Anne that Scotland Yard was considering transferring Cross to “carpentry duties”, to which Anne replies, “Don’t do that to me. You can’t. He is the only thing that makes me happy.”

Anna was married twice. She first married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, who is the father of her two children, Peter and Zara. The couple broke up in 1992.

She married her current husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Lawrence in 1992. The couple had no children.

During her first marriage, she was allegedly intimate with Cross, who reportedly confirmed the affair to reporter Harry Arnold. The sun. Anne has never commented on this novel.

In accordance with The sunCross told Arnold, “When you wrote that story, I was still married and I couldn’t admit it, but it was true, and now I can tell you it was true because I’m divorced now.”

As a result, Cross sold his story News of the world in 1984.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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