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The Queenslander effect – from an army of dirt to an army of aid


When it comes to Queenslanders, there is always a sense of pride and community. You just have to think about the country of origin and how every Queensland resident holds on to it every year., whether they like NRL or not! This morning it is not surprising when Prime Minister Anastasia Palapike urged its Queenslanders to become part of the Army of Concern. You ask their work? To protect the most vulnerable people in the community, the Queensland government has opened a hotline for those who are willing and able to voluntarily protect the health and well-being of one million older people in the local Queensland community who have been asked to stay home to stay safe amid the coronavirus threat.

“The spirit of the Queensland community always shines through during the crisis, as it did when the mud army began to operate after the 2011 floods,” Ms. Palashchuk said.

Brisbane Dirt Army 2011

“The Army of Concern may act differently due to health and safety restrictions, but the spirit and effect remain the same.

“Many older people will, of course, be supported by a family, but others will need volunteers and community organizations to help them stay home and stay safe, as well as with things like food or medicine.

“Even such a simple thing as a daily phone call can make a big difference.”

If you’re twisting your thumbs while self-isolating and living in Queensland, pick up the phone and call The Queensland Government Hotline for Community Reconstruction is 1,800,173,349 and they will be able to register your interest and find you with someone in your area. Your voluntary volunteering will keep our most vulnerable people alive and away from the virus, as well as overcome the loneliness that some of them may experience during this period of isolation. Who knows, you may meet a new wonderful friend from this experience!


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