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The results of the federal election: the most shocking upheaval on election night


Election night brought a whole bunch of unexpected results – and neither side escaped the parade of humiliation.

The 2022 federal election brought a number of unexpected results: the Liberal Party suffered significant losses, but Labor failed to reap all the spoils.

This is because both the “Cherokee” independents and the Greens had strong nights.

Here are dozens of places that have brought the most shocking results.


This is the rarest copy from the night: a surprise of the Liberal Party.

Incumbent Liberal MP Bridget Archer defended 0.4 percent, but challenged history (Bass is notorious for renouncing incumbents) and the national swing against her party to survive.

We can probably link this to the independent band she has demonstrated over the past three years by famously voting against its leader.

Although Scott Morrison campaigned in the Bass several times, he was markedly absent from much of Ms. Archer’s campaign material.

Her campaign worked. She became the first person to retain Bass since 2001.


Independent Dai Le beat one of the most famous Labor members, former New South Wales Prime Minister Christina Kenilly, in Fowler’s previously safe place.

The electorate, established in 1984, has never been held back by anyone other than Labor. In 2019, the outgoing MP Chris Hayes won with 64 percent of the bipartisan vote.

Mr Hayes publicly supported local lawyer Tu Le to succeed him when Labor parachuted into Ms. Kenilly, who moved there from the northern beaches of Sydney.

The independent candidate argued that Ms. Kenilly – who was to become Home Secretary in the Labor government – lacked “factual knowledge” of the problems facing the community she would like to represent.


Admittedly, it was one of the places that is more likely to go independent. But MP Tim Wilson, an assistant minister in the government, was a big scalp.

He was beaten by former ABC journalist, independent Zoe Daniel.

“What we have achieved here is extraordinary. A safe liberal chair, two terms, ”Ms. Daniel told her supporters.

Mr Wilson, for his part, blamed his problems on the “unholy alliance” between GetUp !, the Labor Party and the Greens, among others.


Green candidate Max Chanler-Maser seems to have defeated incumbent Labor MP Terry Butler and Olivia Roberts of the LNP to add another Green seat to the House of Representatives.

This is a significant shift. This turns the Greens from a single-member party into a bloc of deputies. If Labor does not get a majority, the second party will have even more influence.


The massive turn towards Labor in Western Australia was one of the biggest surprises of the night, and it was typical of the defeat of Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt at Hasluk Estate.

This was on the list of Labor targets – but certainly not in the beginning.


The former seat of Howard’s treasurer Peter Castello and then Minister Kelly O’Dwyer passed to Labor.

Dr. Michelle Ananda-Raja defeated the current liberal Dr. Katie Allen, for the first time since 1975 the place is occupied by anyone other than the liberal.


Treasurer Josh Friedenberg sat on a very safe margin of 13 percent, but it seems he could not resist the independent Monique Ryan.

“While it is mathematically possible that we will win in Cuyon, it is certainly difficult,” Mr Friedenberg said on election night. Not exactly a concession, but it was close.

If his defeat is confirmed, it will be the Liberal Party’s biggest loss, and this has implications for the party’s further movement. When Mr Friedenberg leaves and Scott Morrison releases the lead, Peter Datton will be the clear leader.


Another independent, Sophie Scamps, beat incumbent MP Jason Falinsky, who held McKellar with a 13.2 percent lead.

You have already noticed the trend – previously secure liberal seats fall en masse into the hands of inexperienced independent candidates.

North Sydney

Another independent, Kylie Zinc, knocked out Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman at the seat the party has held since 1996.

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said Mr Zimmerman had fallen victim to the “infection effect” and had been “punished” for the opinion of other candidates. He alluded to the controversial liberal “captain’s sample” of Catherine Daves in neighboring Waring.


The Greens won another victory in Ryan when Elizabeth Watson-Brown fired LNP MP Julian Simmonds.

This brings their contingent in the House to three. Triple!


It’s fair to say it wasn’t on the radar. Ben Morton spent most of the campaign traveling the country with Scott Morrison – not the act of someone worried about his place.

He held Tangney by 9.5 percent, but fell victim to an unexpected WA swing.


Formerly a safe liberal seat, Wentworth has been flipping here and there since the retirement of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Independent Kerin Phelps defeated Liberal Dave Sharma in a by-election sparked by Mr Turnbull’s departure. Then Mr. Sharma won her back. This time he lost to his other independent, Allegra Spender.

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