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The Russo-Ukrainian War at a Glance: What We Know 251 Days into the Invasion | Russia

  • A flurry of Russian missiles hit hydroelectric plants and other important energy and water infrastructure Ukraine. Russia said it struck military and energy infrastructure, while Ukraine said its military facilities were not hit.

  • Large parts of Kyiv were left without electricity and water. The mayor of the Ukrainian capital said that 40% of residents do not have water, and 270,000 apartments were without electricity on Monday evening.

  • Twelve grain export ships left Ukraine despite Russia’s decision to withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Agreement. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The UN also confirmed that the first of 40 planned vessel inspections had been completed in Istanbul waters.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the strikes and the decision to withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Agreement were a response to drone attack on Moscow’s fleet in Crimea that he accused Ukraine. Putin said at a press conference on Monday that the Ukrainian drones were using the same sea corridors through which grain ships transited as part of the UN-brokered agreement.

  • Moscow called the movement of ships through the Black Sea security corridor “unacceptable”. In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said it was demanding “commitments” from Ukraine not to use the Black Sea grain corridor for military purposes, adding that until then “there can be no question of guaranteeing the security of any facility” in the area.

  • UN disputed Moscow’s claim that a civilian cargo ship carrying Ukrainian grain could have been involved in a drone attack on Russia. UN aid chief Martin Griffiths said no such ships were in the Black Sea “safe zone” corridor at the time Russia said the attack took place.

  • France is working on allow the export of Ukrainian food products by land not the Black Sea.

  • Russia rejects the information that its agents hacked Liz Truss’s phone and gained access to confidential information.

  • Norway has brought the armed forces to an increased level of combat readiness to strengthen its response to the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Jonas Gar Stere said that no direct threat of invasion from Russia was detected.

  • Afghan special forces are being recruited by the Russian military to fight in Ukraine, three former Afghan generals told the Associated Press. They said the Russians wanted to lure thousands of former elite Afghan commandos into the “Foreign Legion” with offers of $1,500 a month and promises of safe haven for themselves and their families.

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense also reported on Monday Moscow has completed the partial military mobilization announced by Putin in September and there will be no more draft notices.

  • A 40% cut in Russian natural gas supplies is hitting Moldova’s ability to provide electricity to 2.5 million people. – said the deputy prime minister of a small post-Soviet state.

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