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The shock analysis shows how difficult it is in Australia to reach the minimum wage


A full-time employee with a minimum wage is left with only $ 29 each week after basic expenses, while a family of four who receives the same rate is actually missing $ 24 from what they need.

A new shocking analysis from Anglicare on the pressures on the cost of living faced by the lowest paid workers comes after the last consultation of the Commission on Fair Work in the annual wage review takes place on Wednesday.

Shortly before that, the latest data from the wage price index will be published, which will show whether the central bank has forecast a salary increase.

Australian Council Secretary Sally McManus, who will continue to push for a 5.5 per cent pay rise at the hearings, said high inflation means people are suffering more than she has ever seen.

“I hear story after story about the main front-line workers, whose rent is rising by $ 100 a week, people who move to caravans, people who are forced to move to share,” she said.

“A disabled worker told me she needed to get her children to subsidize the rent.”

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Ms. McManus said she thought some businesses were already paying an extra dollar an hour with a 5.5 percent increase in wages in retail and hospitality, so the argument that they could not afford the increase was wrong.

An increase of 5.5 percent will increase the minimum wage for adults from $ 20.33 to $ 21.45 per hour, $ 772.60 to $ 815.09 per week and $ 40,175.20 to $ 42,384.84 per year. .

An Anglicare analysis shows that a person under the age of 35 in a family earning the current minimum wage has only $ 29 left at the end of the week after paying $ 401 in rent, $ 113 in transportation and $ 135 in food and drink. .

More strained cases have two parents on the minimum wage caring for two children.

After $ 581 for rent, $ 338 for transportation, $ 361 for food and drink, and $ 122 for education, they are missing $ 24 from what they need to receive each week.

Camera iconThe one who earns the minimum wage and lives alone is left with only $ 29 after basic expenses. Credit: News Regional media

A single parent would not have enough $ 195 from what they need to take care of one child and themselves.

“Our calculations show that workers with a minimum wage in single households are more likely to be in severe financial strain with little or no savings buffer, while those living in close-knit families are more likely to be most of all, will be exposed to similar stresses or financially dependent on the partner’s income, ”says Anglicare. his report.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison seemed to change his tact after calling Anthony Albanese a “poor unit” for supporting a 5.1 per cent pay rise to keep up with inflation.

“Well, we support raising wages,” he said when asked why he was concerned about raising wages by $ 1 an hour for low-paid workers.

“We believe that the increase in wages is good, and we want this increase in wages to happen and take place on a sustainable basis.

“And the best way to do that is to reduce unemployment, ensure the growth of our economy and the success of businesses, which allows them to ensure sustainable wage growth for workers across the country.”


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