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The study delves into puppy breeding reform


Growing demand for puppies in New Wales during the pandemic was costly, and many were bred and kept in cramped conditions.

The State Committee’s investigation is looking at breeding methods amid reports of severe cruelty, especially given that puppy farms have become a lucrative business over the past two years.

Earlier, RSPCA investigators revealed that they found hundreds of animals kept in appalling conditions and dozens in poor health living in concrete booths without bedding and wet floors covered in feces.

Three animal cruelty cases have been referred to court with 468 inspections conducted by the independent RSPCA task force covering 9,000 animals since August 2020.

Green MP Abigail Boyd referred to a father and daughter who were convicted last week of animal cruelty for cruelty to dogs under their care, following police raids near Wagga Wagga in 2020.

They were fined more than $ 20,000 after it was reported that one of their dogs, Stawberry, had died from birth complications that they had not addressed.

The local court found that there were more than 200 dogs on their breeding farm.

“We do not have a provision that prohibits those convicted of animal cruelty from running a puppy farm in New Wales,” Ms Boyd said.

“It must be an oversight.”

Animal Justice MP Emma Hearst noted that there were too many legislative gaps in the New Wales Breeding Code and there were no restrictions on the number of puppies a breeder could have, without a staffing ratio.

Animals can also be incarcerated for 23 hours 40 minutes out of 24 hours.

“It makes more sense for our laws to really be created in such a way that it stops cruelty in the first place,” she said.


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