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The texts reveal what Australians really think of Harry and Meghan


Australians have had their say on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the royal family following the Queen’s death, and they’re not amused.

In a survey conducted on news.com.au’s exclusive text platform – where subscribers can get live news from our team of royal reporters and experts – respondents were very unhappy to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back with the Royal Family after the couple’s dramatic exit from the firm.

In response to the question “Are you happy to see Harry and Meghan back in the royal family?” 10 times as many respondents answered “no” than those who were satisfied with the return of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Those who favored the return of the Sussexes seemed more enthusiastic about returning the prince to the royal position than his wife, and many respondents noted this.

“Yes, but Harry, NOT Meghan,” replied one follower.

“Yes, with their family, but not as royals,” clarified another.

Others explained the reasons for their dissatisfaction with the couple.

“Not after what they did. It’s too late, you can’t have your cake and eat it, said one.

The Sussexes were also a major point of interest among subscribers to news.com.au’s royal text updates during a live Q&A with royal reporter Brontë Coy, who answered questions from subscribers while reporting in London.

During the two-hour question-and-answer session, the most frequently asked questions were about Princes Harry and Andrew being allowed to wear military uniforms during the Queen’s official memorial service.

Coy told followers before the backflip at the Palace, which allowed the couple to don their uniforms, that Harry had a lot of support among the crowd at the ground.

“I spoke to a lot of people about this very topic the other day before the Palace did a backflip and said that Harry could wear his uniform, and it certainly seems that Harry got a lot of support for that,” Coy said.

“Both Andrew and Harry will now wear military uniform during separate Queen’s watches at Westminster Hall as a mark of respect for the Queen. Harry was initially denied this opportunity, but officials appear to have bowed to public pressure.’

Ahead of the event, news.com.au will host another text-based Q&A with royal expert Danielle Elser the queen’s funeral on monday.

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