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The trial of “Rich Christie” has begun between Colin Rooney and Rebecca Vardy, the wives of English footballers


Yesterday Colin Rooney looked across the courtroom at Rebecca Vardy when a £ 3 million defamation trial began with a series of humorous and sensational claims.

Mrs. Vardy said she was afraid of losing her unborn child after her rival Wag accused her of leaking stories.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Rooney’s lawyer confronted Mrs. Vardy with a newspaper interview in which she recounted intimate details of sexual contact with pop star Peter Andre and ridiculed his masculine nature.

The warring Wags have finally come face to face in the High Court in London in a lawsuit in which “dilution of dirt” threatens to tarnish their reputation.

Camera iconRebecca Vardy. Credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Ms. Vardy, who was seven months pregnant at the time, said she suffered from “strange palpitations” and “pain contractions” after Mrs. Rooney took to Twitter to publicly accuse her of betraying her trust.

Giving evidence on the first day of the trial, she said she had been hospitalized three times in the last two months of her pregnancy and she had committed suicide and was very worried.

The 40-year-old Mrs. Vardy, who is married to Leicester and former England footballer Jamie Vardy, has filed a lawsuit after Mrs. Rooney accused her of leaking stories from her private Instagram account to The Sun.

She said she was called “grass” and subjected to heinous bullying and death threats by trolls who said her child should be “put in the bedroom.”

She compared Mrs. Rooney, the wife of former Manchester United captain and England striker Wayne Rooney, to a “school bully” and said she had in fact turned the wives and girlfriends of other footballers against her.

Mrs. Rooney, 36, looked at her rival, denying that she was responsible for the leaked stories, saying it was “unpleasant” to betray other people’s trust.

During the hearing, Mrs. Vardy was confronted with an article on the front page of the News of the World entitled “Peter hung like a little chipmunk,” in which she described Mr. Andre’s physique and shaved hair.

Ms. Vardy admitted that she did not ask permission to disclose such personal information, and did not warn the reality TV star that she had done so.

Colin Rooney during a photo shoot to launch his collection of SS14 fashion and swimwear for Littlewoods.com aboard a boat on the River Thames in London.  (Photo by Dominik Lipinski / PA Images via Getty Images)
Camera iconColin Rooney. Credit: Dominic Lipinski – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

She was asked if she considered it “respectful” for her to discuss intimate details, and said she had been forced to give an interview by an abusive ex-partner, and claimed he had been paid for the 2004 article.

She told the High Court: “I was forced by my ex to make this story. This is something I deeply regret, and something that is largely a part of my past. It’s unpleasant to read. “

Attorney David Sherborn for Mrs. Rooney read excerpts from the article, which claimed that Mr. Andre managed to “in just five minutes of sex with Rebecca” had “the smallest trouser outfit I’ve ever seen.”

He asked if she respected other people’s privacy.

She replied, “Yes, yes.”

Mr Sherborn said: “The problem is that you think you decide for yourself whether someone’s private information should be leaked or not.”

Ms. Vardy insisted that she was forced to discuss her meeting with Mr. Andre, adding: “I understand why this is being used. It’s dirt for me, and Mrs. Rooney’s team also threatened to cover me with dirt. “

She denied discussing the leak of a separate story about another celebrity through allegations that the unnamed star used the computer program Photoshop to look slimmer in photos.

Ms. Vardy said she did not intend to reveal the story of the celebrity Photoshop, but wanted to write her own article about body positivity.


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