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The unfortunate Furphy truck is stuck, WTF


One would think that the truck was driven by Austin Powers, but this is no accident. This Furphy truck has been specially put in such a predicament to present its new crunchy kvass.

The installation shows a real truck trapped between two buildings. The truck can be found in Sydney on Little Hunter Street. He boldly blocks the way and also announces the new Furphy Crisp Lager. It’s like a regular camp, but more crunchy.

“Furfi is an incredible story. “Installing What the truck is a good way to get people talking about Furphy Crisp Lager,” said Malcolm Idi, portfolio director of Craft and Premium Beer for Lion, the company that owns Furphy.

The installation was developed through Thinkerbell in partnership with installer artist James Dive and Scoundrel Projects.

Sash Moodley, head of creative masters at Thinkerbell, said: “The activation was able to ignite both digital and analog pub chats, and viewers shared their distrust. It’s a real “what truck?” moment ».

“We wanted observers to find a truck that not only blocked their way, but was in a really difficult situation,” said James Dive.

Installation is the perfect way to generate organic promotions on social media, the surest way to maximize advertising costs. Hopefully not many people will want to go up this street.

It’s also a good reminder, as always, not to drink and drive.


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