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The view from a bird’s eye view puts the ladies in the spotlight


It’s a bird, it’s an airplane – no, it’s a drone that captures the highlights of your property for potential buyers.

At the time, real estate lists had only a few static images and a brief signature of real estate highlights. Currently, real estate agents are doing their best to get the best price for your home.

According to coastal director and Realmark sales officer Sean Hughes, the drone photos show the property and its surroundings in a detailed context.

“Getting a sense of the terrain is made possible by drone photography,” he said.

“It’s great for non-locals, but it’s also convenient for people living in the area.

“Locals may be familiar with the area, but it helps to re-engage and highlight some other amenities nearby that they don’t yet know about.”

Although it was once reserved for vacant blocks or ruined renovations, Mr Hughes said drone photography was beneficial to any property close to the wonderful aspects of lifestyle.

“Traditionally, photos from drones have been reserved for land-based real estate, particularly for blocks, but now we see it for residential buildings,” he said.

“We try to highlight all the attractive aspects of the lifestyle you want to be close to.

“Using distance markers, we determine the distance to the convenience or suburb in the photo itself – for example, 500 meters from the local park.”

Shooting from drones, important during the pandemic, gave potential owners the opportunity to learn about suburbs and real estate together, despite closures and restrictions.

“For inconspicuous shoppers, it’s a great tool to see the closeness of things – shoppers outside the area don’t necessarily know the features and benefits of what’s in the suburbs,” Mr Hughes said.

“Now that we don’t have a lot of restrictions and we’ve come out of the lock, it’s still useful for buyers who are isolated and can’t go out to see the property – they know it will be sold the first weekend when it’s available and they have to make a decision without looking at it. ”

In real estate marketing, Realty Lane director Daniel Gonzalez said it’s important to promote the strengths of the home and what the space has to offer.

“Aerial photography allows us to capture that,” he said. “This allows us to clearly demonstrate the benefits of location, especially for buyers who are outside the district or interstate who may not have a personal idea of ​​the suburbs.

“Aerial photographs capture the object’s proximity to the beach, the city, local parks, golf courses, popular schools and shopping malls, and advertise the size of the land.”

Premium properties, which boast large blocks or views for a million dollars, can also be appreciated on a larger scale with the help of drones that capture the full picture.

“Vacant plots of land benefit greatly from aerial photography, as well as properties that are in close proximity to the coast or river, or have a quality of life that will help with home sales,” Mr Gonzalez said.


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