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The vision of the drone captures dozens of sharks that feed on whale carcasses


The sight of the drone, taken off the coast of the southern outskirts of Western Australia, shows the moment when dozens of sharks pressed on a 15-meter carcass of a humpback whale to eat.

A couple of Australian Instagram travelers John Clock and Indy Crimins camped at Betty Beach two weeks ago when a trip to the water for a morning fish turned into an exciting spectacle.

Mr. Clock was surprised to see it splashing ashore, and quickly grabbed his drone for a better look.

As the drone moved over the water, a massive 15-meter carcass of a whale came into view – already torn apart by a crowd of whale sharks circling over the water.

The nearby Normans Beach was closed for swimming as soon as the couple raised the alarm in Albany.

Camera iconWhale carcass. 9 News Credit: Channel 9

The decomposing carcass was eventually thrown ashore, but a warning shark remained in place for the beach.

A spokesman for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Landmarks told PerthNow that people should be extra careful in the waters off the WA coast because sharks often visit the area.


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