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The WBBL stars are following in the forgotten footsteps of the Aboriginal First XI


In line with how the team have progressed in England, the correspondent reports that Mull’s team “have improved their game considerably since they were here before, and their performance on Saturday was generally good”. Despite this, the local XI managed to amass 213 before the First XI fought back briefly.


After Sunday’s rest, Ballarat CC excelled with the ball early on, dismissing the First XI for just 92. Sent out again, they fared much better the second time around, reaching 1-127 (Lawrence 59, Moolah 21) by then. stumps were painted. This day saw the largest number of viewers in a week.

“Bye, the crowd was larger than on Saturday, with over 2,000 in attendance, including a large number of boys who climbed over the fence without paying.” Star retells.

“The crowd was also clearly animated. When Charlie was given out there was a loud roar of dissent, for such noises had no effect on cricketers, whose law is that the umpire, right or wrong, must be obeyed.

“No doubt the run was very close, but no one stood so well to see, and should have paid so much attention, as the man against whom the mob had so uselessly and so foolishly risen.”

Finally, on Tuesday, a single wicket competition was organized between locals and visitors. With a smaller crowd of around 500 watching on, the Ballarat cricketers managed just 19 points between them and saw their collective tally overtaken by Jonny Cousins ​​(Zelanach) on his own.

Ballarat East Oval today.credit:Daniel Brettig

The day ended with sports competitions and other games such as “Dik-a-Dik” (Jungunjinanuke) the skill of hitting cricket balls with a shield and a hunting stick.

“Prizes were subscribed for several events in jumping and running; Mr Braithwaite of the Pavilion Hotel gives £5 to the fund. The Blacks displayed their prowess with the native weapon in the afternoon, Dick-a-Dick parrying the cricket ball attracting much attention as usual. No matter how straight or fast the throw was, he managed to either dodge or disable the balls.”

The financial return for the week was modest, allowing both sides to more or less break even, but foreshadowing the fact that the team’s last scheduled game in Hamilton had to be canceled and that the First XI would never appear again.

But while the team’s last appearance on the cricket field together was at the East Oval in Ballarat just over 153 years ago, the image of Zelanach single-handedly defeating the BCC playing field provides the latest triumph in what remains the most extraordinary story in Australian cricket history .

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