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“The whole world is against us”


Istanbul: The Ukrainian invasion has threatened Russia with “complete international isolation,” the retired colonel said in a rare broadcast of dissent on state television.

Criticism of Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is rare in Kremlin-controlled Russian media, which have regularly praised Russian troops for “liberating” Ukraine from ultranationalists.

Mikhail Khodoryonok said in a Russian news release that the invasion of Ukraine did not bring good results.Credit:Internet

However, Mikhail Khodoryonok, a retired colonel and military observer, broke the ranks, saying Monday before the state’s main television program that the war had not brought good results for Russia.

“We need to consider a million well-armed Ukrainian soldiers as a reality in the coming months. We must take into account that the situation for us, to be honest, will get worse. “


While other leaders of the 60-minute Russia 1 debate show expressed the Kremlin’s view that the invasion was a “necessity” to repel a potential Ukrainian attack, Khodoryonok suggested that Ukrainians would “defend their homeland,” even if some people in Russia disagree with this idea.

Russia’s main weakness, Khodoryonok said, is its “complete geopolitical isolation.”

“However, we hate to admit it, the whole world is against us.”

Earlier, Khadaryonak questioned the justification for full mobilization.


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