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Thousands of avocados dumped in Queensland, and farmers reveal why tons and tons were dumped


It is a fruit that, anecdotally, has prevented young Australians from realizing their dream of housing.

But now the demand for avocados is so low – and production is so high – that thousands are simply dropping it.

As food prices continue to rise amid inflation, which Australia has not had for more than 20 years, scenes from our East Coast will have many tears.


Tens of thousands of fruits – some valued at 50 to 100 tonnes, valued at about $ 200,000 – have been dumped in North Queensland, a video taken at Tablelands Waste Station shows green mountains.

Manufacturers say they did not have the opportunity amid falling prices caused by oversupply and low customer demand.

Camera iconThousands of avocados have been dumped in Queensland. Credit: Jan De Lai

Atherton local Ian De Lai expressed shock at seeing huge stocks of perfect fruit left to rot.

“Two trucks arrived and just dropped big piles of avocados. And I noticed that a lot was thrown there before, ”she said 7NEWS.

“It just seemed like tons, tons and tons of avocados would be thrown away.

“The mounds were huge – much higher than me.”

Local producer Jim Kochi has shown that demand has fallen sharply because restaurants were closed during the COVID blockade, adding that floods in Queensland and New South Wales have also been affected.

The third reason, he said, is that farmers have planted more avocado trees to meet demand.

“These trees are now coming into production and coming into production in a big way,” he said.


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