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Three things from Liane Moriarty: “There’s a 55-year-old man with a dark secret” Life and style


L.Jan Mariarty is a hot property. Sold the rights to the screens of all nine of her novels – in 2017, “The Big Little Lie” received HBO processing, “Nine Perfect Strangers” became a mini-series in 2021, and several more adaptations are on the way, with the best, such as Nicole Kidman and Blake Lively. the rest of the back of the Mariart catalog. The rights to the last Sydney-born author’s novel, Apples Never Fall, released last year, have already been bought out by London-based studio Heyday Television.

But even off the small screen, Mariarty’s resume is impressive: her books have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and The Big Little Lie made her the first Australian author to debut with the number one novel in the New York Times bestseller list. Despite his incredible success, Mariarty is a private individual who usually prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She will, however, take the stage for the session at the Sydney Writers Festival on Sunday, May 22nd.

To continue turning the pages, Mariart undertakes to write a new novel every two years (or so). The trick to sticking to the schedule is the hourglass she keeps on her desk. Here she tells about the romantic appeal of this tool, as well as the story of two other important personal things.

What would I have saved from my home in a fire

My father’s ashes. Mainly because I know Dad would tickle the idea that I saved his ashes from the ashes.

He liked to talk about how his friend, a pilot, was hired by a man who wanted to disperse a relative’s ashes from a plane. When the gloomy moment came, the ashes instantly glanced back into the poor man’s face. My dad found it hilarious. So we will not carry his ashes anywhere.

While they just wait at the side table with a few souvenirs, such as his last ticket to the snow lift, the gold trophy “Best Dad”, which we once gave him on Father’s Day, one of his old passports, which is valid ended in 1985. , and a telegram he sent to my mother in 1969 after finally passing the surveying exams. It reads, “FINALLY DONE, APPROVED SURVEYOR.”

I would also scoop up all these memorable souvenirs, but if things got tough, maybe I would just pick up a telegram, which is surprisingly valuable to me.

My most useful object

Beautiful hourglass standing on my desk next to the computer. It was a birthday present from my friend Marisa. I love it because I use it to trick me into writing. The rule is that I have to keep typing – anything at all, even if the words don’t make sense – until the last grain of sand falls. It helps me lose my sense of self. I know I can set a timer on my phone, but where will the romance be?

The point I regret the most

When I was four years old, I was the proud owner of a beautiful giant marble. Mom said, “Don’t take your beautiful giant marble to preschool, you’ll lose it». But I wanted the other kids to be jealous and want my marble. So I took him to preschool and lost him. I was heartbroken.

I can still see the strange whirlwinds of color contained in the smooth, cool glass. I also still see the face of the evil little boy who sure stole it. There’s a 55-year-old man with a dark secret, and I tell him: you know who you are and what you’ve done!

Sometimes I buy expensive glass jewelry just because it reminds me of my beautiful marble, and I remember one I’ve never seen before – and my family reconsiders, as if to say, “She lost her marble.”

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