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Tiger Woods is leaving the U.S. PGA to question return plans Tiger Woods


No earlier than it was announced, on the third day of this US PGA Championship the final blow was thwarted Tiger Woods starred after 54 holes. The 46-year-old, who only competed in the tournament for the second time after being involved in a serious car crash last February, had serious physical problems during the third round 79.

Woods declined to confirm that he would then play the last 18 holes. “Well, I’m in pain,” Woods said. “I know it really is. Let’s work and see how it goes. “

Now Woods was 12th above the score in the tournament, which put him at the bottom of the field with a 76th share. What happened next, through a brief statement from the PGA of America, will inevitably raise questions about the legality of this return due to serious injuries to his lower right leg. Otherwise, Woods was expected to play in next month’s U.S. Open and at the July Open in St. Andrews.

“I just didn’t play well,” he added in the third round. “I didn’t hit the ball very well and it didn’t come out of what I needed. I thought I hit the tee well, hit the 2nd and ended up in the water. I just never got any momentum on my side.

“I couldn’t get off the train. I did nothing right. I didn’t have a lot of good throws. As a result, I got a pretty high score. “

A year ago, Woods was in a wheelchair. Making an incision in both the masters and in US PGA – Many of the best players in the world have failed neither – this is a serious achievement.

Tiger Woods drew a crowd to the Southern Hills, but his good day second gave way to a bad third. Photo: Orlando Ramirez / USA Today Sports

This, however, is Tiger Woods. He lives by other standards. Last month, Woods closed in Augusta National with 78 rounds in a row. There, as here in the Southern Hills, is bad golf combined with bad traffic on the weekends. It seemed strange to recall that Woods was talking about competing for that American PGA on Friday night, at which point he was sitting with a dozen shots from the lead.

Sean Norris, who played for Woods on Saturday, offered both sympathy and hope for the future. “He’s such a phenomenal player,” Norris said. “You are very sorry that he had to go through this. But then again, you also see the type of person he is; that he rubs everything and pushes himself, even all the pain and that. It’s hard to see that a guy like him has to go through this and fight like that.

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“He is holding up well and I think he will come back as soon as he returns to normal health and gets rid of all the problems. The determination that the guy has, I mean, is phenomenal. You can see that he struggled only today to occasionally pull the ball out of the hole, even bend over to put the ball on or off; but to squeeze it in and focus at the right time and on the pictures is phenomenal. “


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