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Tinnie of the Week: Beerfarm Shiravignon is a blend that really works


Our resident beer writer drank everything from emu exports to imperial porters aged in barrels.

Trying this week’s sip, Simon Collins makes his verdict on “Shadow of the Week” and whether to get along with his partner.


Shiravignon Shiraz-Sav Wild Hybrid Ale

Camera iconBeerfarm Shiravignon 2022 Credit: Supplied


Beerfarm, a brilliant brewery in the southwest near the Bussell Highway in the Metricop, which originally began as an outpost of young Sydney Sydney in Sydney before deliberately unleashing and restarting as a separate business about eight years ago.

Since then, Beerfarm has gone from strength to strength, impressing beer lovers with its hugely popular Royal Haze (and variations of the juicy misty IPA) and the very impressive Shirazzaweisse (and variations of fruit sour).


Is this beer? Is this wine? Who cares? It’s delicious!

Beerfarm has stepped up the seasonal release of Shirazzaweisse by squeezing four tons of Margaret River Shiraz grapes and Sauvignon Blanc into this wild hybrid ale, which should equally delight craft beer and wine lovers.

Metricup brewers allowed the juice to start wild fermentation on the skin before mixing with the wort to get a winey, slightly tart and very fruity sour ale with 6.8 percent.

This collaboration with Margs ’LS Merchants pours an appealing purple with seductive aromas of berries and grapes before a very refreshing dry finish.

The first Shirazzaweisse Beerfarm five years ago was a happy accident, the result of a brewer with an ugly batch of fermented in a Berliner Weisse teapot and a neighboring winemaker with an excess of grapes wide.

Shiravignon – one of several additional products from the original release and a better hybrid than the Prius, Shiravignon – is a seriously fun drink for fans of fruit sour and natural wines, which celebrates the two best exports of the Southwest.

Beerfarm Shiravignon 2022
Camera iconBeerfarm Shiravignon 2022 Credit: Supplied


The 6.8 percent weight is slightly stronger than the width, but it is just as easy to drink. So you may be tempted to break one of them yourself.

However, these beers are fun to share, especially with cheese or other snacks from the Southwest.

And given the lovely purple hue and the fact that it’s a hybrid of beer and wine, it can be a good beer to share with a friend who likes wine or doesn’t like beer.


One jar of Shiravignon costs about $ 8, while four packs are smarter for $ 28.


Four ripe grapes out of five.


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