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Tiny billboards make a huge effect


If you’re in Byron, Sydney or Melbourne, you may notice that some tiny billboards are starting to pop up. Startup Zero Co., based in Byron, is launching another waste-free product and using minimal marketing to make a big statement.

Zero Co has started making a name for itself in the house cleaning category. Only 15 percent of the plastic consumed by Australians is actually recycled. The remaining 85 percent goes to landfill. The reasoning behind the business was that instead of throwing away containers, they could be used over and over again.

Since its launch, more than 57,000 customers have adopted the waste-free model offered by Zero Co. The replenishment model works.


Thanks to the success of detergents Zero Co is diversifying its offerings. Now the company creates waste-free skin and cosmetics. He created the world’s first reusable deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

To release new body products, Zero Co encourages Australians to “start small”. The brand will launch a series of initiatives aimed at demonstrating first-hand how small actions can make a big impact.

The new Zero Co range is not just a push. Working with former Aesop product manager Kate Forbes, the range will enter a competitive market with an advantage – with the knowledge of the reputable Aesop and the principle of zero waste.

The new range will expand Zero Co’s offerings by 14. From personal care and home cleaning products, the range now has two fragrances for hand and body washing.

Tiny billboards

The smallest billboards support the novelty campaign.

“Today, our undercover team set up twelve tiny billboards in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay,” says founder Mike Smith.

“They may be small in size, but their message makes a lot more sense, and we hope they make people think about the small changes we can all make to make a bigger impact on the plastic problem,” Smith continues.

Tiny billboards will stand until the end of the week if they are not removed in advance. Watch out Instagram Zero Co to find out where you can find them and get yourself a free box!


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