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Tips, odds and teams Collingwood Magpies vs. Western Bulldogs – AFL 2022


The 9th round of the AFL between the Collingwood Maps and the Western Bulldogs will take place at the Marvel Stadium on Friday. The game starts at 19:50, and Western Bulldogs will come into play as favorites at bookmakers. Continue reading our detailed preview of the game Collingwood Magpies vs Western Bulldogs and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Friday, May 13, 2022 at 7:50 p.m.

Where: Marvel Stadium

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Collingwood Magpies vs. Western Bulldogs

Collingwood Magpies vs. Western Bulldogs

Collingwood started the season well, but is now playing football, which seems to have been expected of them this year.

They are breaking away from the loss to Richmond, which was probably to be expected, but this week they face another difficult task.

They take on the Western Bulldogs, which will rely on the physical fitness of several key players after a poor defeat by Port Adelaide in the last round.

The Bulldogs have been far from impressive this season, but they need to have enough class to cross the line.

Collingwood Magpies vs. Western Bulldogs


B: B. Maynard, D. Moore, J. Howe

HB: S. Pendleberry, I. Quainor, J. Noble

With: S. Sidebottom, T. Adams, J. Dykas

HF: T. Brown, B. Mihochak, N. Dykas

F: W. Hoskin-Elliott, J. De Goy, B. McCreery

FOL: D. Cameron, P. Lipinski, J. Crisp

I / C: A. Begg, C. Poulter, J. Madgen, O. Henry

EMG: F.Macrae, M.Cox, T.Bianco, C.Brown

IN: C.Poulter

HIGHER: T. Bianco (omitted), J. Ginivan (illness)


B: E. Richards, R. Gardner, T. Duria

HB: C.Daniel, A.Keath, B.Dale

C: L. McNeill, J. McRae, A. Scott

HF: B. Smith, Z. Cordy, T. Liberator

F: M. Bontempeli, A. Notan, B. Khamis

FOLL: J. World, J. Dunkley, A. Treloir

I / C: R. McComb, L. Cleary, R. West, B. Williams

EMG: J.Schache, R.Smith, H.Crozier, A.Jones

In: A. Keith, M. Bontempeli, J. Sweet, L. Cleary, R. West

EXITS: R. Smith (omitted), T. O’Brien, L. Vanderemer, C. Whiteman (all injured), S. Martin (managed), H. Crozier (spare)


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