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“Tired”: Liberal MP Bernie Finn on notice of abortion comments


The controversial MP from the Liberal Party of Victorian Party was brought to the attention of his own party, which is tired of his use on social media after his reports of abortion.

On Wednesday, Bernie Finn wrote on Facebook to share his concern that Roe v Wade, who makes abortion a constitutional right in the U.S., could be overturned under a Supreme Court overture.

“So excited that the United States is on the verge of a major breakthrough in civilization,” he wrote.

“Pray that it will come here soon.

“Killing babies is a crime.”

Camera iconBernie Finn’s post about abortion is taken from his Facebook page. Credit: Supplied

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When a commenter suggested that abortion should be an option in cases such as sexual assault, Mr Finn replied: “Babies cannot be killed for the crimes of his or her parents.”

Victorian Liberalization leader Matthew Guy on Friday expressed his disappointment with Mr Finn.

“I think we’re all fed up with Bernie Finn’s posts on social media … I think the Parliamentary Liberal Party is absolutely fed up with them,” Mr Guy said.

“Honestly, I’m tired of it, and I think my colleagues are tired of it.

“In the last 24 hours, I have not met a single person who is not as sick as I am. We all survived. “

This is a marked shift from the previous day when Mr Guy refused to condemn Mr Finn’s posts on the media issue.

“Bernie has his point of view, that’s Bernie’s point of view,” Mr Guy said on Thursday.

“I’m not interested in commenting on social policy in the United States.”

Less than 24 hours later, Mr Guy hinted that Mr Finn’s seat in the Liberal Party could be threatened before the upcoming state election.

Matthew Guy Presser
Camera iconVictorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has published the position of Liberal MP Victoria Bernie Finn in the party. NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw Credit: News Corp Australia

The party will soon run for the upcoming state elections.

“If Bernie wants to stay in the Liberal Parliamentary Party, the pre-election will start in a couple of weeks, and Bernie needs to think about whether he wants to be on the Liberal Parliamentary Party,” Mr Guy said.

“We (the Liberal Party) are working with each other to try to do our best for the members of the Liberal Party in this state and to make Victoria have an alternative government.

“If someone can’t follow these rules and wants to act as an independent, then you should go and ask him if he wants to do so as an independent or a member of the parliamentary Liberal Party.”

Another Liberal MP, James Newberry, also criticized Finn, calling his comments “sick.”

Asked if he should sit on the bench, Mr. Guy replied that it was a question for Mr. Finn.

“If any of us want to go out, sit at home and post on social media all day, causing anger for others, I think you can say we’ve all said we’ve had enough and we have,” Mr said. Guy.

Injecting Room Protest
Camera iconMr Guy speculated that Mr Finn’s place (pictured) in the Liberal Party could be in jeopardy because of his messages on social media. Sarah Matrey Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Finn argued that his views on abortion were “firmly imbued with medical science” rather than religion.

“My position in support of the protection of children before birth is not the result of any religion – my view is firmly imbued with medical science, which shows that children in the womb – are very alive people,” he wrote on Facebook.

“That’s right. I’m following science!”


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