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Todd Bowles Says Tom Brady’s Weekend Isn’t Proof of Tom Brady’s Redemption


Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles denies that quarterback Tom Brady is taking advantage of the team.

The 45-year-old skipped Friday’s walk to attend the wedding of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, with whom he won six Super Bowls during his time in New England. Brady also took an extended break during preseason training to deal with personal issues and weekly weekends available during the season, the first of his decades-long career, but not an uncommon preference for veterans around the league. For the past couple of weeks, Brady has decided not to take a weekly vacation.

Beech trees lost to the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday after Brady’s trip to Kraft’s wedding. But Bowles said Brady’s work schedule isn’t having a negative impact on the team’s dynamic.

“He works as hard as anybody,” Bowles said. “The special treatment — there were a few guys who missed meetings and some practices because of something special — that’s just not publicized because they’re not him. It just comes with the territory. You don’t worry too much about it.’

Many thought the Bucs would make it to the Super Bowl this season in a relatively weak NFC, but they are 3-3 after an uneven start to the season. Brady QBR rating of 52.1 ranks him 15th out of 32 qualified quarterbacks this season, an unusually low ranking for a player of his pedigree. Tampa is also averaging 19.0 points per six games, well below its 30.33 average at this point in 2021.

Brady has looked frustrated at times in recent weeks. He broke the tablet on the side of the road during the game against the New Orleans Saints and was recorded an insult to his submariners during a Steelers game.

In injury mitigation, Brady’s receivers and offensive line were injured, while the quarterback had shoulder and finger issues. Bowles said he doesn’t believe Brady’s injuries have affected his accuracy.

“He’s perfectly healthy as far as I know,” Bowles said. “He is perfectly healthy.”


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