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Top 10 Easter Eggs Hidden in Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled Music Video


Taylor Swift has released the second music video for her latest album Midnights — and fans have wasted no time piecing together a huge list of Easter eggs hidden throughout.

Swift appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ahead of the release of the Bejeweled music video, describing the piece as a “psychotic amount” of hidden gems and references for vigilant fans.

“We have a PDF for the Easter eggs in this video because there are so many that we couldn’t keep track of,” she said.

Top 10 Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled Video (in no particular order)

  1. The entire video points to Swift’s 2010 album, Speak Now, as her next reissue. This is first evident at the beginning of the clip, when violin strings play Enchanted in the background, and another orchestral arrangement plays at the end.
  2. As Swift ends the video in a palace surrounded by dragons, a line from “Long Lives” comes to life: “I’ve had a lot of time fighting dragons with you.”
  3. The most obvious hint that Speak Now is Taylor’s Version’s follow-up album is seen when Taylor rides an elevator in the video (“Elevator Buttons and Morning Air”), with the buttons allowing her to travel to 13 different floors. The button for the second and 10th floors is yellow, for Fearless and Fearless (Taylor’s version). The buttons for the fourth and 11th floors are red, for Red and Red (Taylor Version). The third and 13th floor buttons are purple, the color “Speak Now” and, suggestively, “Speak Now” (Taylor’s version).
  4. Swift had fun with her costumes throughout this video, changing outfits many times, all of which were nods to costumes from past videos. In the opening scene of Bejeweled, she wears a simple, neutral dress similar to the one she wore in the “Cardigan” music video. She then tops it off with a cape similar to the one she wore in the scene with Willow the Witch, followed by an underwear number similar to her Look What You Made Me Do outfit. Finally, the outfit she ends the video in is a yellow pre-revolutionary French ball gown and updo, reminiscent of the delicate princess from Love Story.
  5. Towards the end of the video, Swift thanks her colleagues, featuring makeup artist Pat McGrath as the queen, flanked by portraits of Zoe Kravitz and Sam Drew, who both helped Swift write Bejeweled.
  6. When Swift wins the key to her new palace, not only does she take back her “keys to the kingdom,” a reference to Look What You Made Me Do, but the key is the same design as the one she uses to open her a repository of old songs. This vault was opened before the release of her albums Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version), giving Swifties the gold that is Mr Perfectly Fine and All Too Well (10 Minute Version).
  7. In the background of the castle shown in the video, there are stained glass windows that the Swifties zoomed in on and discovered to be depicting koi fish. The same koi fish and blue background adorned Swift’s guitar during her Speak Now tour.
  8. The singer’s accessories in the clip were also thought out: from hairpins with the monograms T and S to a necklace in the shape of a sea shell. For a while, fans thought that Swift’s 10th studio album would be called Seashells.
  9. The scene shows Swift dancing while sitting on a giant clock. The hands of this clock pointed to three, pointing to the north (3 am edition).
  10. To close the music video, the scene zoomed out to reveal the entirety of Swift’s castle and cottage in the background. Fans were quick to note that the cottage was the Long Pond studio where Swift filmed and re-recorded her folk album during the pandemic.

Nothing is random when it comes to Swift, and as the singer herself said, the entire video was created for fans who love to hunt for Easter eggs.

There are probably many more clues hidden – there just isn’t time to list them all.


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