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Tribute from teammates, Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting


The world of cricket is still tolerating the sudden, tragic death of Australian legend Andrew Simmondswho died in a car crash on Saturday night.

Honoring the former station wagon along with his heartbroken teammates, including Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist, are leading in honor of the greats.

Scroll down to find a collection of honors from former Symonds teammates in Australia.

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Anyone who had anything to do with Symo knew exactly what he was like, he was one of the good guys, a real man at heart who really made you happy – he just lit up the room wherever he was.

“It’s just going to be so much missed.”

“I wouldn’t say such a practical joker, but he just seemed to find a funny line or a funny comment at any point.

“He was really hard working and playing hard, I think we’ve all seen it.

“There was almost beautiful naivety to many things and innocence.

“He was so knowledgeable in the game of cricket, much more knowledgeable and expressive than what people could give him in honor.

“It started to shine through in his comments, his ability to read the game and know what was going to happen … it was amazing, it was the skills and abilities that Ricky Ponting used as a captain much more than people know.

“He was a laricin, he found an easier side in most situations.

“Anyone who didn’t know him, just think of your closest friend who would do anything for you.

“He was faithful to error and so reliable and loving.”


“We have been connected on the hips for 20 years.

“When he got his hundred, he threw himself into my arms and it hit me so hard in the head that it split my forehead. But there has never been a happier moment in my career.

“What a memory. By that time we had known each other for 12-13 years. We have experienced childbirth, (Andrew’s first) divorce, funerals and many huge fishing trips and countless cold XXXX slides.

“Our families were very close – to be honest, that moment was just beautiful. It was hard not to love him. He had so much charisma and mystery. He had a sharp wit, but he would resist anyone or anything if he didn’t think something was wrong. He would have dressed the prime minister if he thought it was fair. “

“Sima once told me, ‘If you can’t say it in three words, Joe, it’s not worth listening to.’ Well, Roy … “Damn good guy” sums you up. Make sure these jars with slide XXXX were beautiful and cool #Albert when we drink ”.

Recalling Roy’s girlish test tone 03:44


“When Roy shook your hand, you gave your word, that’s how he was, and that’s why I always wanted him to be on his team.

“An extraordinary player and even the best person. I can’t believe he’s gone.

“At this time thoughts with his family.”


“Take care of yourself, big man, me (with a broken heart).

“I loved it very much and at this time our thoughts are with the family. Hug your loved ones. ”

Symonds and the series that is gone 01:00

Jason Gillespie

“Terrible news to wake up from. Completely devastated.

“We will all miss you, my friend.

“It was a pretty ordinary day. We have lost the absolute superstar of man. Knew him from the 1994 U19 Australian tour.

“It’s hard to admit he went honestly. I know the QLD cricket family is bypassing each other today.


“Heartbreaking. Australian cricket loses another hero.

“Stunned. Participants of the 2003 World Cup. Amazing talent.



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