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Trifecta for song of the year The Kid Laroi inc


A mix of Australian songwriters and the industry gathered last night to mark the 40th anniversary APRA Music Awardsan event that celebrates talented songwriters and music publishers who have succeeded in 15 categories last year.

CEO of APRA AMCOS Dean Ormstan said: “It was an absolute joy to celebrate the success and artistry of Australian songwriters who have endured and supported us entertained and connected over the last few challenging years.

Baby Lara received APRA Music Awards. The 18-year-old girl chose the song of the year APRA for “Stay”, a world hit co-written with Justin Bieber. Laroy also won “Most Performed Hip Hop / Rap Work” for “Without You”. Then, to complete the incredible year, songwriter Breakthrough 2021 was named songwriter of the year.

Kid Laroi said, “Thank you for awarding me songwriter of the year. I really appreciate the support and want to give the floor to the fans at home. I’m excited to be back and can’t wait to perform with you on the End of the World Tour. I miss you all and see you soon. “

Genesis Owusu was a groundbreaking songwriter of the year. With his self-titled and debut album “Smiling with No Teeth”, Genesis recently won first place in the global competition of songwriters Vanda & Young in 2021.

Tony and I. was a double winner for the second year in a row, kill two gongs for two different songs. “Fly Away” became the most performed pop work, and her world hit “Dance Monkey” became the most performed Australian work abroad.

Debuted at the APRA Music Awards John Curtidis, who is now also a two-time winner. He was awarded for the most accomplished Australian work and for the most accomplished dance / electronic work «Head & Heart ”, anthem dance floor performed Joel Corey involving MNEK.

A magical musical collaboration between Vance Joy and Joel Little brought them the most completed alternative work for “Missing a Piece”, a song inspired by the separation of loved ones because of a pandemic.

Strong writing of partnership songs between Matt Corby and Bujarah led to the award for the most performed R&B / soul work for the song “Higher”. It was the first APRA music award for both Bujari and Corby.

Another first winner of the APRA Music Awards was Ziggy Alberts, whose song «Letting Go ”became the most performed work with blues and roots.

Prove that she was a small country Amy Shark, whose song “Love Songs Ain’t for Us” (co – written with Ed Sheeran) was the most accomplished country work.

Still proving that they are the dominant force in songwriting, Angus Young and late Malcolm Young won “Most Performed Rock Work”. «Shot in the Dark “from their 17th studio album” Power Up “.

Legendary children’s entertainment club The Wiggles, accepted the Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Music, an honor bestowed by the APRA Board of Directors in recognition of a group or individual who has made a major contribution to Australian music. The Ted Albert Prize was presented by The Wiggles Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock’s Ross Wilson.

As previously announced, c Licensee of the Year the prize was awarded Great big events and TAFE Queensland for their musical citizenship, and “Lasting Lover, written from James Arthur, Bruce Fielder, Lewis Capaldi, Luke Fiton, Benjamin Goldwasser, Jarl Hasselquist, Corey Sanders and Andrew Vanvingarden was the most accomplished international work.
Live performances of APRA Awards

Musical director Francois Thetas oversaw live performances throughout the evening that included five tributes to nominees for “Song of the Year” recognized by colleagues. Chris Cheney, MS Dallas Woods and Melbourne R&B novice Kai opened production by taking on a mix of AC / DC «Back in Black ”and“ Hoodlum ”by Woods and Jerome Farah. Television with Mindy Meng Wang performed Hiatus Kayote‘s «Red Room ». Singer, songwriter and producer grants performed the song of the year The Kid LAROI “Stay”, which was recognized by colleagues, while the strong organ trio Hamanda Cook on 3 burners together with Kylie Aldist, Didir, Djungji Brady, Dean Brady and Tasman Keith put their backs on “First Nation,” a track with which Keith wrote Rob Hearst of Midnight Oil. Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders took on “Another Black Dog”, author Genesis Owusu, Michael Di Francesco, Andrew Klippel and Julian Sudek and a double winner of the 2022 APRA Music Awards Tony and I. and the ensemble performed an unforgettable performance of “Guided By Angels” by Amyl & The Sniffers. Finally, powerful Tough with a singer Tim Rogers gave a bright tribute to the deceased, vel Chris Bailey with their version of Bailey and Ed Cooper masterpiece “Know your product”.

The Leading the 2022 APRA Music Awards are Julia Zemir, Eddie Perfect and Jerome Farah.

Photo from above: Genesis Owusu with double winner Tones And I (Image by Tony Moto)

List of APRA Award winners

Song of the Year APRA, according to peers

Title: Stay
Artist: The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber
Scripts: The Kid Laroi / Justin Bieber * / Isaac De Boni # / Omer Fedi * / Magnus Hoiberg ^ / Michael Mule # / Charlie Puth + / Subhaan Rahman / Blake Slatkin *

Author of Songs of the Year

Baby Lara
Publisher: Sony Music Publishing

Author-breakthrough of the year

Author: Genesis Owusu
Publishers: Kobalt Music Publishing obo Ourness Songs

Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Achievement to Australian Music

The Wiggles

The most accomplished Australian work

Title: Head and Heart
Artist: Joel Corry feat. MNEK
Screenplays: Jonathan Curtidis # / Joel Corey / Uzoechi Emenike * / Neve Applebaum # / Daniel Der # / Robert Harvey ^ / Kashif Siddiki # / Lewis Thompson +

The most performed alternative work

Title: Missing piece
Artist: Vance Joy
Scripts: Vance Joy / Joel Little *

The most popular works are blues and roots

Title: Letting go
Artist: Ziggy Alberts
Author: Ziggy Alberts

The most accomplished country work

Title: Love songs are not for us
Artist: Amy Shark starring Keith Urban
Screenplays: Amy Shark / Ed Sheeran *

The most popular dance / electronic pieces

Title: Head and Heart
Artist: Joel Corry feat. MNEK

The most popular hip hop / rap

Title: Without you
Artist: The Kid Laroi
Scripts: The Kid Laroi / Omer Fedi * / Blake Slatkin * / Billy Walsh *

The most performed pop work

Title: Fly away
Artist: Tones And I
Author: Tony Watson

The most performed R&B / soul work

Title: Above
Artist: Bujarah
Scripts: Matt Corby / Budger *

The most performed rock work

Title: Shot in the dark
Artist: AC / DC
Scripts: Angus Young / Malcolm Young

The most performed Australian work abroad

Name: Monkey dance
Artist: Tones And I
Author: Tony Watson

The most accomplished international work

Title: Lover
Artist: Seagal and James Arthur
Screenplays: James Arthur ^ / Bruce Fielder * / Lewis Capaldi + / Luke Fitan ^ / Benjamin Goldwasser * / Jarl Hasselquist / Corey Sanders # / Andrew Vanvingarden *

Licensee of the Year

TAFE Queensland
Great big events

APRA Music Awards

APRA Awards: New Mediaweek Podcast

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