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TRS CARS are rejuvenated on the W series


Dan McCarthy

The FT-60 Toyota Racing Series has been officially rejuvenated by the FIA ​​as a regional combination car and Formula engine, and New Zealand cars will be shipped abroad to help the W Series.

As previously reported by AUTO ACTION, all women’s racing series in the W series need to borrow a few cars because of the tight turns between rounds in the Formula 1 schedule.

The W Series uses the same Tatuus chassis as the TRS Championship, but with different engines.

Successful amalgamation means the NZ FT-60 will be used in the next two rounds of the W series, first in the next round of the season on the Barcelona-Catalonia track in Spain, and then this year will be Suzuka in Japan. .

This is the first time any international junior formula categories have shared cars in a way that allows the use of sea rather than air freight, while maintaining a carbon footprint for all women’s series as low as possible.

The fleet of 18 cars is currently based in the UK on the basis of the W series, is being prepared and painted for the two racing weekends.

This month they will travel by truck to Barcelona, ​​and on Monday, May 16, will arrive in the Formula 1 squad.

After the race meeting the cars will return to the UK to prepare for shipment to Japan.

Once this is completed, they will return to New Zealand ahead of the 2023 Toyota Racing Series Championship, which will begin in January 2023.

It will be a busy period for employees of the Toyota Racing Series, who intend to resume participation in championships, including the British F4, Road to Indy and Spanish F4, to strengthen their network in January next year.

“It’s great to come back and take part in the show on the road when we start the countdown to 2023,” explained TRS category manager and motorsport manager Nicolas Kayol.

“Obviously the W Series project will be a significant part of the season and we hope to attract a few riders as they will still have a clear advantage of spending two racing weekends on our New Zealand cars.”

It is hoped that the Toyota 2023 racing series can return to normal life, and international youngsters will come and compete during the five-week period of European winter.

Former TRS winners Lande Norris, Lance Stroll, Liam Lawson and Thomas Randle.

“The championship has always been popular as a stepping stone to a successful season in the Northern Hemisphere, and it will continue,” Kayol continued.

“For some, they will get points, which will be a big step towards getting a super license to allow them to test or ride in select categories.”

Details of the calendar with the dates and venues of the championship in January / February will be published soon, and TRS is already accepting requests from drivers and junior driver programs around the world.

The five-weekend schedule will culminate in the 68th New Zealand Grand Prix, which remains one of two competitions outside Formula One recognized by the FIA ​​as the official Grand Prix (along with the Macau Grand Prix).

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