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TWE announces the completion of the acquisition of Château Lanessan


Treasury Wine Estates Ltd (TWE), a Melbourne-headquartered global wine and distribution business, has confirmed the completion of its acquisition of a majority stake in Château Lanessan, one of the oldest estates in Bordeaux, France.

The acquisition is the latest step in the expansion of the TWE Penfolds brand’s multi-regional portfolio of luxury wines, doubling Penfolds’ existing production capacity in France.

The critical and consumer reception of Penfolds wines from various regions has been particularly strong, including wines produced in partnership with Dourthe Bordeaux, FWT 585 produced in Bordeaux’s Cambon de la Pelouse, an ongoing collaboration with the Champagne house of Thiénot and the latest wine from the Valley Napa in California.

The purchase includes 390 hectares of land with 80 hectares of Haut-Médoc-appelled vineyards planted with the typical Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, the historic Château Lanesson, designed by the famous Bordeaux architect Henri Dufo and built in 1878, Château Lachesnay, designed and built by architect Louis-Michel Garros in 1883, as well as a winery and ancillary buildings.

The estate was founded by Bordeaux wine merchant Jean Delbas in 1793, and 9 generations of the Bouteiler family have served as its custodians.

Tom King, Managing Director of Penfolds, commented: “We look forward to working with the Boutier family and winemakers to enhance the Château’s production capabilities and reputation for quality wine, as well as deepening our relationship with the local Bordeaux community.

“The region’s winemaking tradition complements the quality and innovation that Penfolds is known for, and we have ambitious plans to invest in the historic property and invite wine lovers to experience the region’s unique winemaking tradition.”

Kerryn Petty, director of procurement at Treasury Wine Estates, said: “The acquisition of the majority of Château Lanessan is an exciting addition to the Treasury Wine Estates portfolio in Europe. Increasing our production capacity with such a historic facility will support our future growth plans as we respond to consumer demand for the wines across our portfolio of brands, including Penfolds.”

In addition to producing Penfolds wine, the winery will continue to produce wine under its Château Lanessan, Les Caleches de Lanessan and Château de Sainte Gemme brands, which will be distributed through existing channels.

More information about the restoration and development of the facility will be available in 2023.


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