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U.S. police release video of officer shooting unarmed black man

Police said Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed 40-year-old Terence Cracher, whose SUV broke.

Cratcher was pronounced dead at the district hospital.

The case is the latest in a series of shootings of unarmed black people by U.S. police who have raised issues of racial bias in police.

“We will achieve justice in this matter,” Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told a news conference, adding that the video was published for transparency.

WATCH: Video published by Tulsa Police.

Jordan said he found the video “very disturbing, very difficult to watch.”

“Of course, we believe it was an unjustified shooting that should not have happened,” family lawyer Damario Solomon-Simmons told a news conference, adding that they demanded criminal prosecution.

In one video taken from a police helicopter, Kratcher with his arms raised in the air, followed by an officer with a drawn weapon. He then puts his hands on the vehicle.

One of the officers in the helicopter audio says Cracher is not following instructions.

Another says, “it also looks like a bad dude, maybe on something.”

Kracher then falls to the ground, and on police radio you can hear the female officer say, “shot.”

Kratcher is then seen on his back, with his torso seeming to bleed.

In a video from a police video camera, an officer with a weapon tracks Cratcher as he walks to the car. A crack is heard, and in a few seconds it falls.

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“We think he may have just been tortured,” a male voice said on police radio. “Arrows,” says a female voice.

One officer, identified as Tyler Turnboy, used his stun gun on Kracher, Tulsa police said, adding that Shelby fired a handgun at the man. She was placed on administrative leave, they said.

Shelby was not immediately available for comment.

Kracher had no weapons with him or in his car, police said, giving several details of the incident. They said Kratcher refused to obey officers’ orders minutes before he was shot.

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched a separate civil rights investigation into the use of force by officers, U.S. Attorney General Danny Williams of the Northern District of Oklahoma said Monday.

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