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Ukraine and Russia: what you need to know


* In heavy fighting, Russian troops captured Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine, but a huge fire was extinguished. Russian troops also bombed the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and laid siege to several other cities.

* Zaporozhye nuclear power plant has not suffered from the fact that the head of the UN nuclear service Raphael Grossi said he considered a Russian projectile. Russia has accused Ukrainian saboteurs of attacking.

* In the eastern Black Sea port of Mariupol without water and heating, and food is not enough, said the mayor of Mariupol, seeking military assistance. “We’re just being destroyed.”

* Frequent shelling can be heard from the center of Kyiv on Friday.

* NATO allies have rejected Ukraine’s demand for no-fly zones, saying it would lead to an even tougher war. “We are not part of this conflict,” said NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

* Ukrainians have driven Russian troops out of Nikolaev, but fighting continues on the outskirts of the city, said the governor of the Black Sea port.

* Ukrainian defense forces hold the northern city of Chernihiv, said adviser to the President of Ukraine Alexei Orastovich.

* Ukraine retains a “significant majority” of its military aircraft nine days after the invasion began, a U.S. defense official said.

* The BBC has said it will suspend all its journalists and support staff in Russia following the introduction of a new law that could imprison anyone found to be deliberately spreading “fake” news.

* The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, whose editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov was a co-winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize, said it would remove from its website materials about Russia’s military action in Ukraine due to censorship.

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