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VetPartners selects MODLR as its performance management platform to support long-term growth


MODLRa pioneer of enterprise cloud applications for enterprise performance management, announces that VetPartners, a leading provider of veterinary services in Australia and New Zealand, has chosen MODLR as its performance management platform with unlimited enterprise use to ensure their continued growth for the next five years.

VetPartners provide veterinary practice support, resources and business knowledge needed to promote their practice, ensuring that each organization remains true to its unique culture and identity. The success of Vetpartners means they have been expanding rapidly since their inception in 2016 and now have a community of more than 4,500 enthusiastic employees in more than 240 practices. With such rapid growth, they sought a CPM tool to support their growing financial planning and analysis function. At first they signed as Fr. MODLR customers in 2021 to streamline their budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes across the organization. Now, with corporate access to MODLR, Vetpartners can continue to benefit from collaborative planning without user restrictions.

With MODLR VetPartners will continue to use the MODLR cloud:

  • Use a single integrated cloud platform for financial planning and reporting, business intelligence, labor and cost control. Combining all their data from 240 different practices into one platform – MODLR Cloud – VetPartners can get a complete picture of the performance of all their sites with customized, easy-to-read dashboards and reports.
  • Stay flexible during integrated data management. The MODLR cloud will help ensure global standardization of processes in VetPartners’ financial, operational and purchasing teams – providing fast, secure data access, better decision-making and optimized processes.
  • Provide an attractive and personalized user experience in their practices. The flexibility and customization features of MODLR Cloud allow VetPartners to create a personalized experience in their network, ensuring that their employees feel at home when moving to MODLR to track and analyze the performance of their practice.

Comments on the news

“It is very important for us to choose partners who understand our culture and values. MODLR’s approach to customers and extensive corporate experience have allowed us to instantly connect and trust their experience, ”said Dave Lovelace, Chief Financial Officer of VetPartners.

“MODLR has combined several different systems in our practice and simplified the processes we use in business. MODLR provides a robust infrastructure for finance, resource management and other critical operational functions that enable us to continuously support and manage the work of our hospitals, ”said Susan McGregor, VetPartners’ Director of Commercial Finance.

“Our new corporate partnership with VetPartners demonstrates the value of our latest developments in the MODLR platform. The Business Intelligence MODLR reporting component has been especially popular with VetPartners, allowing them to create custom dashboards and measure their performance – just the way they want it and when they want it. We look forward to continuing to work with VetPartners and provide them with all the tools they need for their impressive growth path, ”said Ben Hill, Managing Director of MODLR.


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