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Victoria is now fading pearl in the liberal crown


Second, many Victorians felt abandoned during the pandemic, especially Friedenberg, who seems to have blamed the state for holding back the national economy.

Third, the Liberal Party’s attempts to reconsider climate change have never been taken seriously, especially by Victorians in well-educated and wealthy electorates.

Fourth, the coalition’s decision to rely on a response to the state government and the prolonged coronavirus blockades imposed by Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was a mistake.

As Liberal Senator Jane Hume said, “We thought Victoria would have a bigger Dan Andrews effect, but it wasn’t, which I think is disappointing.”

“We had such negative reviews about these brutal closures in Victoria and we thought it could happen in these suburbs. Obviously not. “

Finally, Morrison’s decision is upheld controversial NSW Warringah MP Catherine Daves badly played in Victoria.

Indeed, some Victorian liberals will privately tell you that they were thrown under the bus, especially in more progressive electorates. Add to that all, the Victorians left the Liberal Party en masse.


Depending on the end result, the coalition will now need to conduct some kind of mental search. This is a party that is deeply divided. The broad ecclesiastical argument, often used to justify deep divisions within the party, may no longer cut it. Not when MPs like Matt Canavan argue that Morrison’s promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero in pure terms by 2050 is “dead”, and not when liberals like Waring MP Catherine Daves continue to focus on the problem of transgender people playing sports. .

The big question is where the state, once considered the pearl of the Liberal Party, is the birthplace of Sir Robert Menzies, Malcolm Fraser, Andrew Peacock, Sir Henry Bolt and Sir Rupert Hamer.

The potential loss of the bulk of the state’s high-ranking liberals could leave the party in a state for years to come. And in the run-up to this year’s state election, opposition leader Matthew Guy will be desperately trying to find a way to make the Liberals elected in Victoria once again.

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