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Independent tea candidate Zoe Daniel has gone down in history, convincingly winning once secure Goldstein’s liberal chair and oust incumbent President Tim Wilson.

In front of a cheering crowd at Brighton Bowling Club in southern Melbourne, Daniel declared victory and vowed to be an “honest broker from the bench” of Parliament.

Karina Garland, Zoe Daniel, Michelle Ananda-Raja and Monique Ryan ousted MPs from the Liberals and will be part of the 47th Australian Parliament. Credit:

According to the AEC, Daniel was ahead of nearly 70 percent of the vote counted on Saturday at 11 p.m.


Labor’s Karina Garland has been given a cross-border seat in Chisholm, which since 2019 has been occupied by Gladys Liu of the Liberal Party.

With more than half of the votes counted by 11pm on Saturday, Garland found itself in an inaccessible position, ahead of Liu by 7 per cent on bilateral counts.

Over the years, Cheeseholm’s chair has changed between major parties: Labor’s Anna Burke held it until 2016, then Julia Banks of the LNP, and then Liu of 2019.


Labor has snatched the once blue ribbon in downtown Higgins from Katie Allen from the Liberals after a tough election campaign.

Michel Ananda-Raja led the Liberals by 3.4 percent in a bipartisan count, with 40 percent of the vote by 11 p.m.

Allen held the electorate with a 2.6 percent lead after the 2019 election, but like many downtown seats, he has seen a rise in support for the Greens in recent years.

Labor became increasingly confident during the six-week campaign of its ability to defeat Higgins, and Labor leader Anthony Albanese did last feature on the seat on Saturday morning.


Josh Friedenberg became the most notorious loss of the Liberal Party on Saturday night when the Coalition was destroyed at its affluent center.

Circus Independent Monique Ryan went to victory after a tense and tough campaign, and led Friedenberg with 4.53 percent on a bipartisan predominant count with 51 percent of the vote counted before 11 p.m.

The federal treasurer, who was touted as the future leader of the Liberals, did not concede defeat on Saturday, but said it was “definitely difficult” to move forward.

In recent days, liberals have grown confident that Friedenberg will retain his seat, albeit by a smaller margin.


Keith Volohan of the Liberal Party, who ousted longtime MP Kevin Andrews in the election, fought to take Menisse’s place from the coalition.

Andrews was in the lead with a 7 percent lead, but with 52 percent of the vote counted by 11 p.m., Volohan was just 0.4 percentage points ahead of the bipartisan count. It was too close to call on election night.

The Liberal primaries fell by about 10 percent.


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