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Videos on Pinterest are more effective because they inspire, not hinder


We live in an age of distraction.

From the constant pop-ups of email to the clutter of news feeds and advertisements scattered across our platforms, our ability to focus and assimilate weakens even when we are faced with video content.

We know people are watching more videos than ever before. Over the past few years, we have seen a fruitful increase in video broadcasting and media creation. Millions of video views attract everyone, from celebrities to moms staying home, fun little ones and even pets.

But how many people actually indeed pay attention to the videos they watch, especially the ads that appear on their streaming or social channels?

This is a problem for advertisers, given that most of them have a limited creative and overall budget of the company, as well as a strong desire to truly connect and inspire their audience.

This is the difference between Pinterest

Pinterest is already providing more valuable interaction with its Pinners. Users are increasingly spending and buying more. People come to Pinterest to plan. With this motivation comes the intention of buying and an open mind to try something new where brands can become solutions and the source of their ideas. On Pinterest advertising and brand ideas are welcome and not annoying. People on Pinterest are more engaged and more open to your brand because they intend to make a purchase but are undecided.

Pinterest’s unique audience planning composition is the reason that videos on the platform reach people more effectively. The latest data shows that video advertising on Pinterest is there 3x higher visibility and 2x higher completion rate than on other platforms, and show a strong correlation with message association (MRC Video View Rate. Viewability 2020).

Why? Because they fit. They complement the Pinterest user experience. On Pinterest people actually I want to see video content from advertisers to help them turn their ideas into reality.

For brands, this is a win-win situation. Same advertising budget, more efficient campaign. Pinterest provides a ready-made space to present relevant video content to a wide audience, which is more likely to not only see it, but also be interested in it.

The strategy worked for the Australian television service Foxtel, which was a complete success with the recent launch of its Wentworth TV series.

Foxtel used video, standard Pins and Pinterest Premiere (where brands can align video ad targeting with a specific demographic or specific category) to build a truly complete funnel campaign to promote a new Wentworth series and increase your monthly subscription.

The result?

Increase advertising visibility by 10.3 percentage points, increase brand association by seven percentage points and reduce CPA by 20 percent than planned (Foxtel data, 2021).

Foxtel used standard and video advertising in conjunction with conversion-optimized advertising, and Pinterest Premiere to raise awareness of its wide target audience by encouraging engagement and clicks. Using a combination of formats and using video advertising, Foxtel was able to achieve the main goals of the company and cause excitement and anticipation of the launch of the series.

For other brands the Foxtel formula can be followed to raise awareness and conversions and increase returns.

Brands need to choose a full funnel approach that maximizes the ability to create engaging video content for an audience that wants a completely immersive online experience.

To get the most out of Pinterest video advertising, brands need to know their purpose and their customers. Have a clear goal and target audience, but do some research – see what people are looking for on Pinterest and on hairpins that resonate. Visual content is all about the brand – are you the hero of user-generated content, or do you prefer a sleek campaign? Think about how to engage your customers by making content effective. Collaborate with creators your audience follows, or encourage customers to try and shop with the Pinterest Try On sticker. The main thing is that the advertising was attractive, so that the Pineers had no choice but to engage.

And, let’s face it – with 400 million people using Pinterest every month around the world to inspire everything from beauty and room renovations to parenting and exercise, the platform should be a must for brands looking to invest in video and achieve results.

To help advertisers, Pinterest provides top tips for creating the most compelling video ads based on last year’s most effective inclusive content on Pinterest.

  • Decipher your business goals – first think about your business goals to decide whether you want a high-impact, short sharp video to attract attention, or a longer, more educational version.
  • Know your customer – To target your video to the most relevant audience, make sure you know who that audience is. As the idea of ​​a traditional “audience profile” has been disrupted, familiarize yourself with the new consumer habits and expectations that are emerging. It can be as simple as choosing color palettes and the words that appeal to them the most.
  • Choose the right ingredients – Different audiences respond best to different types of video content. From user-generated, human-driven content to videos that offer clicks with more information, think carefully about your video components.
  • Touch what people are looking for – To help shape the direction of your video, see what your audience is looking for. Check out Pinterest trends so you can lead these trends as they rise and peak to make sure you’ll always know what interests them. From cocktails for Christmas to red nails for Valentine’s Day.
  • Make it effective – Whether it’s collaborating with creators your audience follows, or encouraging customers to try and buy a product with a sticker, it’s important to make your video content appealing and effective.

Karin Lee-Skelton is a leading partner at Pinterest.


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