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Viral McDonald’s McRib Twitter video exposes nasty process


Questionable footage shows the ‘disgusting’ process of making a McDonald’s McRib burger, and many customers have vowed never to order the item again.

A video posted on Twitter this week sparked outrage from thousands of viewers after it showed frozen blocks of ‘ribs’ being put on the grill in batches of six.

After defrosting, the dishes, which had been preformed into rib-shaped forms, were removed from the grill and placed in slide-out containers filled with a thick brown sauce.

Plates were then placed on top of onions and pickles on a lightly toasted bun before being boxed up and sent down the chute to fulfill the order.

It was unclear which store the footage was shot in, but it was suspected that most stores would follow the same process.

The person who uploaded the video, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, suggested that ribs hardly qualify as food.

“Can this be considered food at all? A McDonald’s employee decided to tell how a McRib is made,” their message reads.

Of the more than 3,000 people who responded, many agreed that the elements did not look very appealing.

“I just threw up in my mouth. A little,” replied one man.

“It’s like a fried kitchen sponge dipped in barbecue sauce,” claimed someone else.

“Wow, I don’t eat pork, but wow, this is DISGUSTING,” said another.

Others were less offended and said they would continue to order McRibs at every opportunity.

“Not saying it’s fine dining or anything, but … that’s what frozen mince looks like. Yes, its shape and form resembles pork ribs, but it doesn’t touch me. McRibs taste pretty good,” wrote one.

“This is literally how McDonald’s grills everything. I don’t see the point,” said someone else.

McDonald’s Australia announced this week that McRibs will be making a brief return to the menu from October 31.

The company has been contacted for comment on the video.

Originally published as A shocking video by McDonald’s reveals the “disgusting” process behind the popular burger


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