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Viral TikTok Shows Brazil’s Gender Reveal Party Catching Fire | Video


This is the terrifying moment a gender reveal party turned into a disaster.

A couple’s joy quickly turned to panic after a pyrotechnic device intended to announce the gender of their twins malfunctioned and nearly burned down their home. New York Post informed.

Jenny Alarcon and Lucas Motto from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, went to great lengths, even hiring a professional videographer, to capture the moment they found out the gender of their children.

However, after the device exploded – showering guests with confetti and pink smoke – they realized the wooden fence behind them had caught fire.

In the now-circulating video, the parents-to-be stand in front of giant letters that spell out “babies” while colored smoke, which was pink, billows into the air.

Excitement soon turns to panic, and guests hear screams as the fence behind the “S” catches fire as flames begin to spread.

As the fire spreads, Lucas is seen pulling away several giant letters to prevent them from catching fire while the party guests try to contain the flames.

Alarcon posted a video of the near miss on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 4.4 million times.

Responding to a comment by videoJenny said their guests were not hurt and it was “just a scare”.

This article originally appeared in New York Postand has been reprinted here with permission.

Originally published as A gender reveal party went up in flames after a failed firework display


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