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Volkswagen presents the Scout as a brand of rugged EV – report


It is reported that Volkswagen will remove the familiar old sign of the new electric SUV and electric pickup.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the vehicles will have a Scout sign previously worn by an American SUV from the non-existent International Harvester brand.

They will go into production in 2026 and will be developed as electric SUVs.

Sources told the magazine that the Scout pickup will be similar in size to the Volkswagen Amarok, while the SUV may be similar in size to the rival Mazda CX-9 Volkswagen Atlas.

Camera icon1970 International Harvester Scout Credit: CarExpert

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Volkswagen Group’s board of directors will approve the plan today, and it will operate as a subsidiary of Volkswagen with its own management and possibly its own factory.

Volkswagen is reportedly planning to initially invest more than $ 1 billion ($ 1.43 billion) in the project before seeking funding from outside investors. Later it can be placed on the stock exchange.

Like those old International Harvester models, the new Scout models are reportedly going to target the U.S. market, where Volkswagen is looking to increase its market share, although the brand may later be offered in global markets.

Although last year it was the largest sales brand in China and Europe, in the US it didn’t even make the top 10 and holds less than five percent market share.

The US is also reported to be the most lucrative car market in the world.

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Camera icon1976 Scout II Terra Credit: CarExpert

It is reported that Volkswagen is aiming to eventually sell up to 250,000 Scout cars annually in the US.

It will also increase Volkswagen’s share of the nascent electric car market in the US, where the company is a growing player behind the dominant Tesla.

Volkswagen has said it seeks to increase its presence in the U.S. to be less dependent on Europe and China, where war-related supply problems and the COVID-19 blockade have accordingly suspended operations.

Although Volkswagen sells a number of SUVs in the US, including the electric ID.4, it was absent from the pickup market after it released in 1984 the Golf-based Rabbit Pickup, built in the US.

In recent weeks, company executives have strongly hinted at the prospect of an electric pickup.

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Camera iconID. Buzzing Credit: CarExpert

First, Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keog said the company was “actively looking” at the electric pickup’s performance.

“I think it’s a lifetime chance in this segment because electrification gives you a moment of reset. It gives you the opportunity to bring some, so to speak, alternatives and some new ideas to this wonderful segment, ”said Mr. Keog.

Keog believes that the entrenched loyalty of buyers of full-size pickups to such as Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and Ram, may not apply to the nascent electric pickup market, citing the presence of upstarts such as Rivian.

Later, Reuters and Manager Magazin reported last month that Volkswagen is considering expanding its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or building a nearby plant to produce an electric pickup as well as an ID. Buzz electric motor.

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Camera icon2023 Amarok Credit: CarExpert

The company also spoke more clearly about the electric version of the future second-generation Amarok, which shares its basics with the new Ford Ranger.

“We are considering a purely electric version [of the Amarok]”- said Autocar Lars Krause, member of the board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, responsible for marketing.

“It’s still early, but it’s something we consider in the life cycle.”

According to Mr. Krause, the Amarok frame architecture can accommodate an electric transmission and battery.

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Camera iconID.4 Credit: CarExpert

The Volkswagen Group plans to invest at least $ 7.1 billion ($ 9.9 billion) in North America over the next five years and says it will add 25 new electric vehicles by 2030.

He wants EVs to account for 50 percent of North American sales by 2030.

Recently, sales of the Volkswagen brand have increased, and its calculation for 2021 was the best result in the US market since 2013.

The brand also returned to profitability in North America in 2021 after not making a profit since 2012.

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Camera iconSupplied Credit: CarExpert

In March, Volkswagen said that sales and revenue in both North and South America had grown significantly in 2021, and that it has a strong plan for the future to further enhance the brand’s competitiveness in these markets in the coming years.

Scout join one of the largest portfolios of brands of any automaker.

Currently, the Volkswagen Group consists not only of the eponymous Volkswagen brand, but also of Audi, Bentley, Cupra, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat and Skoda.

There is also the Jetta brand, part of the Chinese joint venture FAW-VW.

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Camera icon1974 International Harvester Range Credit: CarExpert

Volkswagen gained the rights to the Scout badge when it acquired heavy truck maker Navistar, founded in 1986 as the successor to International Harvester.

International Harvester was once a competitive brand for such as the Jeep, and until the 1970s sold cars such as the Travelette pickup truck with cab, the two-door Scout SUV and the five-door Travelall SUV.

Scout has served as a competitor to Ford Bronco and Chevrolet Blazer.

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Camera icon1980 International Harvester Scout Credit: CarExpert
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Camera iconSupplied Credit: CarExpert

By 1980, the range had been reduced to just Scout, and this year its sales have fallen into industrial action and a poor economy.

Due to the fact that International Harvester has now lost money, the company decided to start selling off or closing less profitable divisions.

1980 was the last year the company released all-wheel drive, although heavy truck production continued.


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