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WA councils are funded to protect heritage sites


The WA government has allocated grants to the council of up to $ 20,000 to attract consultants to help identify and protect their local heritage.

David Templeman

Under the rule of the state Advisory grants to local governments on heritage issues for 2021-22 20 boards will share $ 317,574 to work with professionals over the next 18 months.

Grants will support programs related to heritage lists, surveys of potential new heritage areas, and heritage planning policies and strategies.

Heritage Minister David Templeman says the grant round, which opened last November, recognizes the central role of local government in identifying and protecting sites of significant cultural heritage.

Successful applicants were able to demonstrate the ability to implement the project and value for money, and the instructions state that grants are usually compared on a 50-50 funding basis.

Funding does not cover retention work or current salaries for board employees or contractors.

Local Government Secretary John Kerry said the local area plays an important role in preserving the unique spaces of local communities.

“Local governments receiving these grants will have very different heritage sites, each of which requires a unique structure. These grants will allow them to carry out this important work. “

Local governments in the WA are required to maintain a list of culturally significant sites and have a publicly available local heritage strategy, formerly known as municipal inventory.

Last week, the Western Australian government added the Little Wilgie Ocher mine in Kew to the State Register of Heritage Sites.

This place is unique to the aborigines for ocher mining and was later used by non-aborigines who were engaged in ocher mining in the second half of the 20th century.

That’s a big part of Aboriginal history about how the range of welds came to be in the Midwest, says Mr. Templeman.

“It is one of the oldest mining sites in Australia and provides a significant opportunity for research to help us understand Aboriginal trade and cultural networks,” Mr Templeman said.

“The inclusion of this site in the State Register of Heritage Sites is part of our path to incorporating Aboriginal history into state history.”

Tips for receiving inheritance grants:

  • The town of Koteslo
  • The city of Perth
  • The city of Vanner
  • The city of Gosnels
  • Mosman Park City
  • Shir Varuna
  • Shir Serpentine-Jardale
  • Shir Dardanup
  • The Danebrook-Balingap Shire
  • Shir Manjimap
  • Shire Catania
  • Shin Kandinin
  • Shir Gnavangerrup
  • Shir Brumhill-Tambelap
  • Shire Vikepin
  • Shir Pingeli
  • Shire Northam
  • Shir Laverton
  • Shir Yalgu
  • Shire Derby / West Kimberley

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