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WA Housing Prices: Average Cost in One Pilbara City Rises by Terrible 40 Percent


Everything is going up.

Food, fuel and, unfortunately, for the millennial WA – housing prices.

According to new REIWA data, in eight of the nine WA regions, in all Goldfields-Esperance bars, a surge in housing prices was observed during the first three months of the year.

In one city in Pilbary, there was even a price increase of more than 40 percent between March 2021 and the 2022 quarter.

Camera iconIn the last quarter in Port Hedland there was a significant increase in house prices. Credit: Adobe Stock/Adwo – stock.adobe.com

Housing prices in Port Hedland, a vital cog in the WA resource sector, jumped 40.6 percent to an average of $ 457,000.

REIWA Vice President Joe White attributed sky-high sums to the “thriving commodity market” of Pilbury and COVID-19.

He said many mining companies saw the importance of having a localized workforce when the WA borders were closed.

Mr White also said the state government’s voluntary buyout scheme, which allows people to sell their government residential real estate at a guaranteed premium market price, has affected prices in the region.

But not only the Northwest has performed well.

Southwest Baselton Tourist Harbor was the most efficient regional center for rising prices.

Data show that house prices rose 5.5 percent to $ 580,000.

The average cost of a house in Basselton is $ 580,000.
Camera iconThe average cost of a house in Basselton is $ 580,000. Credit: BENEDICT BARBANCI/bennymarty – stock.adobe.com

Mr White said those figures reflected a shortage of affordable housing in Basselton, and lists fell by more than 20 per cent for the quarter.

“With fewer available stocks, it has caused a boom in buyers, forcing them to be more competitive in placing real estate offers and pushing the average cost of the regional center,” he said.


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