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We invite the public about the reconstruction of the hospital


The reconstruction, which was quickly carried out as part of the COVID-19 State Recovery Plan, will yield modernized and expanded facilities, including:

  • department of emergency care and resuscitation,
  • medical imaging kits,
  • operating,
  • motherhood, childbirth and the newborn area, and
  • extra stationary beds.

Public consultation is based on extensive engagement with staff, clinicians, and community members to ensure that the hospital meets the growing needs of patients, staff, and society at large.

Health Minister Brad Hazard said the new hospital aims to meet the district’s growing needs for health services in the future.

“As one of Australia’s top hospitals, the RPA will undergo the greatest transformation in its 140-year history of community care,” Mr Hazzard said.

“RPA is already recognized as a world leader in providing excellent health, education and medical innovation for the one million people who come to the area daily for work, study and visiting loved ones.”

“She is known for her leading role in providing the most sophisticated and specialized nationwide clinical services.”

“This $ 750 million RPA transformation will provide even more world-class health services and incredible new opportunities for learning and innovation.”

Learn how to send your feedback to the RPA Public Reconstruction Consultationn

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