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“We see value” in this share of ASX dividends: expert


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Like a moth on fire, investors are now finding ASX dividend shares very attractive.

The unstable This year’s stock market has prompted many to turn to earning ASX shares as protection against slowing capital growth.

But the executive chair is Celeste Funds Said Paul Beadle Australian Financial Review beware of false idols.

“There are [a] a lot of traps for the harvest, ”he said.

“You need to know that a small-cap company has a reasonable chance of making its own revenue and profit forecast, even if the economy is slowing.”

The companies you need to look for are those that “have a good price.”

This means they can send customers any pressure on the cost of supply, maintain profitability and end up paying well dividends.

Blackmore Capital Chief Investment Officer Marcus Bogdan believes he has found one such dividend share:

No shortage of customers

Supplier of industrial real estate Goodman Group (ASX: GMG) released last week a performance upgrade that was well received.

But that hasn’t stopped the market from punishing Goodman’s share price down 16.4% over the past month and more than 28% over the year.

This only makes him attractive to Bogdan’s team.

“Yes, we like Goodman,” he said Switzer TV Investments.

“Unlike the wide range of real estate stocks on the list, there has been a significant sell-off of 20% to 25%. And now we are beginning to see some value. “

He enjoys the constant demand for Goodman distribution centers and logistics that meets the needs of today’s e-commerce business around the world.

“This is reflected in the improvement of their salaries,” said Bogdan.

“Earlier this fiscal year, they forecast revenue growth of 10%. They increased this figure to 20%, and earlier this week they increased it again to earnings per share by 23%.

James Mickelborough of The Motley Fool reported that Goodman customers continue to “intensify warehouses in cities” and “enhance automation and technology”.

“Overall, this was the basis for the growth of net property income by 3.7% and 98.7% occupancy.”

Despite this year’s sell-off, Goodman shares have risen more than 123% over the past five years and are paying a dividend yield of 1.1%.


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