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Weather in Perth: cold front with rain and strong wind will start on Friday


If you thought the cold and miserable weather last week was bad, then it will only get worse.

Raincoats and umbrellas will still remain a must-have accessory with another storm to roll in the southern corner of the state.

On-duty weather forecaster Luke Huntington said a strong cold front could deliver more than 20mm of rain to Perth on Friday and bring with it stormy weather, gusty winds and cold temperatures of up to 12 degrees Celsius.

“With a cold front, showers and thunderstorms are expected, gusty winds of up to 80 km / h,” he said.

A storm is expected on Friday morning that will hit Perth and the southwestern region, and in the afternoon – a thunderstorm as the weather system grows.

Rains will continue over the weekend and early next week, with up to 15mm of rain forecast on Saturday and more than 6mm on Sunday, BOM reports.

“All weekend there are downpours and a strong gusty wind that won’t subside until Monday,” Mr Huntington said.

“June this year has been pretty dry for us, so it’s going to be a good rain.”

High temperatures of up to 11 degrees Celsius and gusty westerly winds of up to 40 km / h are expected on Saturday. On Sunday, a strong southwest wind of up to 35 km / h and a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius is expected.

Although it will still be wet, heavy rains are expected to ease in the city by Monday and early Tuesday, with areas forecast to be only 1-2mm of rainfall.

The Banbury regions will be flooded with heavy rain, projected to be more than 25mm for Friday’s storm and a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius.

In Basselton, the soaking will be 20 mm, and on Sunday – 9 degrees.

Further along the coast of Esperance will miss Friday’s cold front, in this area only light rains and up to 4 mm of precipitation are forecast.

Perth forecast:

Thursday: 22C, partly cloudy.

Friday: 22 degrees heat, possible storm

Saturday: 19C, shower

Sunday: 18 degrees, showers weakened

Monday: 20C, shower possible

Tuesday: 20C, shower or two


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