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West Coast Fever vs. Giants, Collingwood Magpies vs. Adelaide Thunderbirds


In a trip with white joints, West Coast Fever took home points in its most courageous victory in the 2022 Suncorp Super Netball season and at the same time recorded itself in the record book.

The absence of four players due to illness and injury, as well as the lack of defenders on the bench, the victory of nine points against the “Giants” was the highest score in the league.

Fever depth was checked, four players were unavailable. In contrast, the Giants were in full swing but in danger were close to empty after a trip from Sydney to Launceston and Perth.

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In the first term, both sides went from goal to goal, as problems with early fines and a warning from central Jamie-Lee Price forced her to soften her physical tone.

Because of the pressure on Fever’s defensive connections, the Giants ’shooters were given too much room to move, and they rarely looked missing. Joe Harten’s move bothered Courtney Bruce for most of the game, but the defender was still able to make two interceptions, three deflections and three rebounds.

With MVP Janiele Fowler, who didn’t stop under the bar, scoring 67/69, in the middle of the second term the Giants sent April Brandley back against the Jamaican. It didn’t make any difference as the Fever went up to nine points on the main break.

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The Verity Simmons Fever Center provided a quiet few weeks as the pocket rocket made a number of revolutions and burned Price for speed. She, Alice Teague-Nild and Sasha Glasgow perfectly served the Fever shooting circle throughout the match.

In the course of the game the result of playing three matches a week became obvious. Bodies that are too tired to break out over time with awkward problems regularly fall on deck. Turnovers, which remained impressively low in the first half, exploded when both clubs refused to win.

At the start of the third match, Amy Sligar went on the attack on the flanks for the “Giants”, but when Stacey Francis-Bayman led the away game, Fever increased the lead to 13, despite a mutual long-distance shootout.

Due to the fact that the Giants desperately cut margins lately, they shuffled the deck and returned to their starting line. Amy Parmenter’s closing speed continued to haunt her opponents, but the sting went out of the game and Fever escaped with their record win.

After the match, coach Julie Fitzgerald said the Fever was burning: “No matter how much we tried to stop this ball that hit Janiela, it was almost impossible.

“I’m proud of the effort, but disappointed with some of the opportunities we missed.”

West Coast Fever 86 Fight Giants Netball 77


More than any other team, the Fever and Giants have been tested this season through injuries and illness. Kovid devastated the Giants at the start of the season when they tried but failed to postpone the match.

Although Fever had problems with Covid, their team also suffered injuries at the wrong end of the season, including vice-captain Jess Anstis (missed four rounds due to a foot problem), Ruth Ar ‘ young (knee injury at the end of the season) and Zoe Kransberg (ankle).


Scientists may have figured out how to split an atom, but the West Coast and Giant Netball division is challenging them. Two-thirds of all their matches were decided by three or fewer goals, leading to one of Suncorp Super Netball’s biggest rivals. Sunday’s result was the biggest gap between them since 2019.


When Sunday 2020 broke into the Suncorp Super Netball scene, fans were thrilled with the young man’s interceptions and clean play that emerged out of nowhere. She was quickly promoted to the Diamonds, and she formed a strong bond with fellow defender Courtney Bruce.

However, this season has been a little more challenging. Aryang is on the interception list, and the number of her fines has risen sharply – she is now the sixth most penalized player in the league.

“Jenny Sinclair.”

Collingwood Magpies vs. Adelaide Thunderbirds

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