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Western United is confident that will be reflected in the semifinals of the men’s league A | Men’s League A


Melbourne Victory one foot in their first Men’s League A The grand final is four years away, but Western United are still confident of turning the deficit in the first leg 1-0. Jake Brimmer’s shot resulted in a one-goal win on Tuesday, and in Saturday’s semi-final rematch also on AAMI Park.

“Honestly, we are good and really in this tie. This is the first half, we will lose 1-0, “said United coach John Alois.” We are back here. We do not need to leave, we do not have to play away. We returned here, so happy with the performance.

“Obviously we’d like to score a goal and get something out of the game, but now I’m thrilled with Saturday night and I see that our guys are also excited because they felt it. They felt it after the game, they said, “Wow, we can give them a game on Saturday.”

Alaisi was not embarrassed by the prospect of winning 90 minutes on Saturday.

“If they sit idly by, no big deal. We will create a chance as we created [late in Tuesday’s game]”He said. ‘If they come to press us, it’s okay. We’ll play a certain way. We’re ready for anything they try and do and we’ll play their game.’

“We don’t need to panic because that’s one goal. We don’t have to try and think that we have to do something completely different … nothing drastic should change. “

United will return on Saturday to Stephen Lustitz (calf), but Rene Hrin’s hamstring injury is coming to an end. Aloisi was confident that Saturday’s playing field would be smoother after United made a minor turnaround before the first match.

Victorious colleague Tony Popovich enjoyed a “small advantage” but stressed the importance of backup.

“We can’t sit here and say we’re not happy that we won the match, we are,” he said. “But we understand that we have another game ahead of us and we are expecting another tough battle like today. Hopefully this advantage can help us on Saturday.

“It’s different. You play with the team at home and away and you play in the same place with a four-day break. This is something we are certainly not used to. But I feel like on Saturday we will have a lot more support, I think we will have a fantastic crowd.

“We’re halfway to achieving that part of the goal, and it’s reaching the grand finale.”


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