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What does 1975 have to do with Alicia Vikander and Jack Antonov? | Culture


An attention-grabbing opening track

The 1975 frontman’s mum Matty Healy was in Coronation Street… Photo: Getty Images

1975’s maximalist pop-rock haphazardly combines various musical elements and lyrics that range from heartfelt to self-aware, with meta-commentary and pop culture references galore. And yes, natural fodder for a pop culture column pointing out connections between things that are vaguely related. The obvious place to start is the frontman Mattie Healywhose parents are known to many as actors Tim Healy (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) and Denise Welch (Coronation Street).

Tell me something I didn’t know

Road sign
… a new theme for which was recorded by trumpeter Christopher Deacon … Photo: PA

It’s impossible to think about Cory without being instantly drawn to the subject. The music was created in 1960 Eric Spear. In 2010, it was re-recorded with a trumpet player Christopher Deacon playing the pipes to the famous cornet solo.

A brief investigation into celebrity relationships

Alicia Vikander in Cannes in May 2022
… who also scored the Steve Jobs biopic starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander’s husband … Photo: EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Deacon’s credits include making the score interesting, if flawed Steve Jobs biopic that earned Michael Fassbender his second Oscar nomination in 2016. At this ceremony Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress, and a year later Fassbender and Vikander were married. Well, isn’t life just dandy for the Vikanders?

To be French in a foreign language

Lars Eidinger
… who starred in Irma Vep with Lars Eidinger, who also worked with Claire Danes, whose new film stars Margaret Qualley … Photo: ABACA/Shutterstock

This summer, Olivier Assayas and Vikander changed hands Irma Vep, a miniseries about a Hollywood star who takes on an ill-fated French serial, updating the director’s 1990s remake of a 1910s silent film. It’s fun, and with beautiful people roaming around Paris, what’s not to like? Although, if you’ve seen Assayas’ 1996 version, you might find it a bit pointless. Lars Eidinger steals the show as the outrageous crack-smoking actor. He previously appeared in another masterful French foray into English-language cinema, The Social Life of Claire Denis. Denis’s second English film, Stars at noonfeaturing Margaret Qually, out this month.

I’d love it if we could make it (to the end of this week’s Rabbit Hole)

Jack Antonov
… partner of Jack Antonoff, who produced the new 1975 album. Photo: Griffin/FilmMagic

Qualley, great at Netflix mini-series maidrecently seems to have announced her engagement Super music producer Jack Antonovwith whom you will know, well, everything, because he worked with Taylor Swift, Saint Vincentlord, Lana Del Rey, Claire … He also co-produced the new 1975 album Being Funny in a Foreign Language , which was released yesterday.

Mike Skinner.
Mike Skinner. Photo: WireImage

Even notes

Listen Matty Healy calls Mike Skinner great influence. The Streets’ debut, Original Pirate Material, is 20 years old, but it still sounds fresh. Witness amazing feats.

Drink On recent single Part of the Band, Healy sings sly: “I like my men like I like my coffee / Full of soy milk and so sweet” Hermesetas Blast Soy Latte that is.


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