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What happens when we achieve our goals


Often perception is seriously associated with the expectation of performance, which finds its meaning in the saying “it’s work for an adult”. Being taken seriously means being treated like an adult. This is scary because it casts doubt on its competence and reliability. The fear of failure often overcomes the desire to succeed, so we procrastinate, refuse, reject, delegate, and humiliate ourselves in an attempt to calm our fears.


In our careers, we too often live between the tragedies of not achieving our goals and achieving them. We are disappointed that our careers have not reached the heights we wanted. For some it is due to a shaky sense of self-worth, while for others it is closer to a truly comic self-deception of ability or greatness.

But for others, thanks to a mix of luck, prudence and talent, they end up being taken seriously and achieving their goals. Only then will they learn that what they have longed for and believed in will bring them pleasure, and happiness turns out to be not at all what they have sought.

Who knows what my legacy will be. Perhaps, as Bob Manhouse, so it will be: Jim Bright, his career was a joke.


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