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Which star striker would you choose for your team?


One of the highlights of the season so far has been the appearance of some very talented key forwards, including Charlie Kernau and Max King.

Carnau, Tom Lynch, Tom Hawkins, King and Jeremy Cameron are at the top of Coleman’s medal table at the moment.

This week in the Real Footy podcast Michael Gleason, Caroline Wilson and Jake Niall are discussing which forward they would choose for their team if they only had one.

The ability to score where each player is in their career and athleticism are important factors in decision making. While it’s never as easy as saying that one player can win a club premier position, in particular, one transformative forward can be the most valuable player in the game.

Also this week the Blues turned from the country’s most powerful club into a projectile. Now they are returning against the background of good recruitment and coaching mood. Curnow was to be expected; Jacob Weitering has a right to be the best key defender in the league. Carlton just keep winning.

Some other high-ranking teams have stumbled a bit in recent weeks. Brisbane had their second defeat of the season, a failed defeat by Hawthorn in Tasmania, and Fremantle lost second in a row. The Lions were undisciplined and their defense was poor, but coach Chris Fagan was pragmatic; Of more concern is the growing list of injuries. The Dockers have problems with their style of play – it does not withstand conditions that are not perfect. Their midfield plays too much for possession rather than for territory?

We also discuss the saints who are legitimate contenders in the top four. Despite poverty before the season, they have fully risen. How much did the injuries contribute to last year’s frustration? And how important is the return of Jade Graham?

The referee has been a hot topic lately, as is how players react to decisions. Do commentators go too far in their criticism of judges? Is it fair to say that decisions can affect the game? And are the 50-meter fines for entering the protection zone too harsh?

Richmond won four in a row, but did they really come back? Given who they have defeated so far, it’s hard to say so unequivocally. They have a crucial five weeks ahead of them, including matches against Sydney, Port Adelaide, Carlton and Geelong. Will three wins in this segment be enough to prove that the doubters are wrong?


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