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Who can replace British Prime Minister Liz Truss?

Many Tories oppose Risha Sunak for his role in the ouster of Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has vowed to lead Britain’s Conservatives into the next election in two years’ time, but after a disastrous six weeks in Downing Street, many doubt she will remain leader for long.

Here are the main contenders for the position.

Truss easily beat the former Chancellor of the Exchequer in this summer’s Tory leadership contest, winning over party members with promises to cut taxes and regulations without reining in government spending.

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Now that he has been proven absolutely right – and Truss has scrapped her plans and replaced her previous finance minister Jeremy Hunt, who supports Sunak – some think he is the best Conservative MP candidate to replace Truss.

A new YouGov poll on Tuesday found it had the best ratings of the advertised Truss alternatives – although still with an overall net favorability rating of -18.

– Boris Johnson –

Buoyed by a few solid hints from Johnson himself, there has been speculation since then that he will attempt an eventual comeback – although few thought it would be possible so soon.

A YouGov poll on Tuesday showed the 58-year-old is far more popular than Truss. Nevertheless, about two-thirds of the respondents spoke unfavorably about him.

He was believed to have favored Truss in the summer leadership race – although his former top aide-turned-chief critic Dominic Cummings claimed it was because he expected her tenure to be disastrous and short-lived, paving the way for his return .

The new Chancellor of the Exchequer Truss has been a candidate in the last two Tory leadership contests. In the last run-off in 2019, he lost to Johnson and finished last in the first ballot of deputies that year.

While Conservative MPs plan to oust Truss, some believe Hunt – a former businessman who enjoys the most support from the party’s centrist wing – could be a viable unity candidate.

– Penny Mordaunt –

The former defense and trade secretary, who is popular with the Tories, was a strong supporter of Brexit and a key figure in the Leave campaign in 2016.

Mordaunt’s profile rose this week after she was sent on Monday in place of Truss to answer an urgent question in Parliament from the Labor opposition about the recent economic turmoil.

It was reported on Tuesday that a senior ally of the 49-year-old had held private talks with Sunak last week about forming a single ticket, but the former finance minister rejected the offer because he did not want to be a junior partner.

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