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Who will win the election? Hints are there if you can spot them


In Cameroon, people giggling looking at crabs, watching where claws dig in a basket. The ancient Greeks preferred to meditate on roosters. At the same time, the fashion of the Renaissance was aeromancy, a fortune teller who threw herself into the sand to see what fate had written the mess.

Modern Australians, by contrast, rely on Ipsos to predict the future, or on Roy Morgan, or perhaps on Newspoll, each poll predicts a tilt angle that the two parties will like. But not every Australian. Some clans boast the equivalent of Aunt Agatha, whose arthritic knees possess magical powers and whose pains betray a federal inclination, depending on which leg gives her more struggle.

My prophecies, on the other hand, stem from cryptomancy, a mysterious custom that only deepens in meaning during elections. As you read this, the ballot boxes are filling up, early counts will soon appear. Exit polls are trying to outline trends. But let me relieve you of stress, provided I can read the clues.

Some voters are hoping for exit polls, but David Astle sees the election results in crossword puzzles.Credit:Joe Gay

The coalition, as we know, focused on the stability of the whole company. Stay tuned. Hold our nerves. Staying with the team, etc. It is noteworthy that the rhetoric was preceded by the English compiler Acnestis, whose hint hinted: “Very bad time to lose the foundation? That’s right! (8) ». The answer is VERBATIM, where every word in a VERY bad time loses its last letter.

Meanwhile, the Labor strategy focused on small changes, nothing radical, without devilish details. Again, a setter named Anax predicted a tactic: “Let’s not do anything to push for glory (9).” Here the prediction is LEND (give) plus O (nothing) inside SPUR (push). Hack the code and SPLENDOR is waiting, the opposition hopes.

Everything is there if you know where to look. Hobo, a Guardian setter, predicted an endless photo operation, where Scoma’s greeting and kindergarten Or lie in the anagram: “Obsession with the image of yourself in the picture (8)”. Externally, the picture hints at the photo. In fact this word is ambiguous, the noun becomes synonymous with the word broken. So you need to break IMAGEONA to make EGOMANIA.

Instilling fear was also a theme all month that was felt Sunday Times“China will do it – then we will start trading differently (9).” This insidious anagram is adjacent to a definition that is equally subtle. “China do” implies a certain wedding anniversary. Which ones? You will confuse, and you will be a branch, it is the TWENTIETH.

Renewable energy, another thermally hot potato, is hidden in a The clock hint: “Looking for a means of reducing the fossil fuel industry (9)” A compact hybrid like the Hyundai Ioniq, this hint asks you to flip the AX (cutting tool) before MINING – the hotkey industry – to detect EXAMINING.


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