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Who’s on the sword? Jumper Clash is a nightmare for Dreamtime on ‘G


When Melbourne was forced to put on its traditional tape against the Bulldogs last year during Sir Doug Nichols ’tour, fans were left scratching their heads.

The AFL ruled that Dee’s native jumper was too close to the dog for fans to easily identify his team.

Shai Bolton wears Richmond’s round Guernsey of mostly yellow 2020 color.
image: Richmond Media

It looks like the issues weren’t fully resolved by 2022, and viewers and home viewers were set to another night of confusion this weekend after Essendon and Richmond opened a predominantly black tour for the blockbuster on Saturday night.

This year’s Dreamtime on ‘G was no longer a pair, given the unpleasant start to the season on both sides.

The similarity has led some fans to fear that distinguishing the two teams during the game could be difficult.

The confusion adds to the lack of simple solutions used for the show round match in previous years.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwut wears a red Guernsey of Indigenous Essesdon 2021.
image: Essendon Facebook

As in the usual home and away games between them, the away team wore a brighter stripe in Sir Doug Nichols ’round on the roster.

Essendon pulled mostly red, and Richmond goes out on the field in yellow if necessary.

To further ruin this year’s Dreamtime game, there will be no players behind both jumpers in the park.

After participating in Richmond’s design along with partner Jessica Nannap Marlion Pickett is not participating in Saturday’s game after being banned for one match for Dylan Moore’s high kick from Hawthorn over the weekend.

The Tigers were unsuccessful in their attempt to overturn the tribunal’s decision Tuesday night.

Bomber Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti is yet to play in 2022 after the 28-year-old left the club in February.

To prepare the scene, the electronic duo of Aboriginal Electric Fields will join King Stingray with Arn Land for pre-match entertainment.

Dreamtime at ‘G starts Saturday night at 7.30pm in Melbourne.


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