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Why aren’t you like Rebel Wilson

Have you been able to lose weight lately? Congratulations!

Wondering why you have areas of sagging, furry skin instead of hard contours? Welcome to the reality of weight loss. Sagging skin after losing weight is too common, so it is always a topical issue of beauty. Like you, Costhetics wanted to know more about how celebrities, such as beloved Australian Rebel Wilson, look slender rather than droopy after a haircut. Here’s what we found…

Face Time: Tightening the skin with radio frequencies

Losing fat on your face is usually a reason to feast when you are on a diet. Previously invisible cheekbones appear, creating new contours. At the same time, weight loss can also lead to facial swelling. Combined with natural collagen weight loss can leave your face looking cadaveric.

Wilson avoid this particular weight loss problem by tightening facial skin. Multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields are used to stimulate collagen production. This procedure is popular in the red carpet, as the benefits can be seen immediately. For maximum improvement, several treatments over a few weeks are recommended.

Radiofrequency waves penetrate both the dermis and the epidermis. In addition to stimulating collagen, they also accelerate cell renewal. Patients of both sexes compare the non-invasive experience with a soothing, calm massage.

Contractions: not just for pregnant women

Another key factor in the new and improved Rebel Wilson is body contouring. The latest technology uses “high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to cause supramaximal contractions (those that cannot be achieved by arbitrary muscle action),” he says. Allure Magazine. Up to 20,000 deep muscle contractions can be induced during the 30-minute treatment chosen by Wilson.

The device is suitable for both men and women. It burns fat, builds muscle and tones the area in a way that would be impossible to achieve with a regular exercise regimen.

Her other and his beauty treatments

Most women are well versed in the topic of breast surgery, but gynecomastia, an operation that helps men contour their breasts, is much less well known. Excess breast tissue can develop as a result of genetics, hormonal imbalances or prescription drugs. Breast skin also sags in men when they lose weight. Liposuction and laser fat removal may be helpful for men. Breast reduction joins the long list of surgical and non-surgical methods of fat reduction and skin tightening adopted by men. Other popular options:

  • Cryolipolysis (freezing fat)
  • Laser liposuction
  • Remove fat from cheeks (cheeks).

Cryolipolysis is especially appealing to men who have found that their workouts just can’t create the figure they imagine. This treatment, in particular, has found commitment as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The process uses chilled air, cold enough to kill fat cells, but not cold enough to damage the skin. Being literally frozen to death, dead cells are removed by the body’s natural systems.

Laser liposuction is useful for men, who, like women, smells like flesh. The problem can be corrected by raising your hands or by laser liposuction.

Whoever you are and whatever your aesthetic goals, Costhetics wants to help you achieve them. Contact us for help in finding a caring, expert practitioner near you.


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